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Day 1 and feeling more confident

:) Hi to everyone many thanks for all support received ,but the night i blew it ,i decided to read read read and gather my thoughts for today my special day of feeling free. i do hope i can keep this up and i know its one day at a time, feeling different this quit (stronger) ...never take another puff !!! is my thought constantly. teatime will be my tester of the day as my husband smokes and is dead against quitting , but he did say he would smoke in the garden so thats a start. so please give me the strength to make it through day 1.. good luck to everyone , love ali

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Hi, good to see you back. It sounds like you have gotten yourself in a good mental frame of mind which is all of the battle! Dont worry about your husband still smoking. Mine does. And it made the quit even easier to start with. He smelt! Still does! And is jealous I am now a non smoker. Keep coming on here and reading and posting. You can do it!!!


hi fiona many thanks for your reply , it feels good to have somewhere to come and chat when im feeling the need . today seems to be going well so far so fingers crossed for me on patches and microtabs plus will be seeing the no smoking nurse on a regular basis .so everything helps. im looking forward to my husband smelling bad hopefully will put me off more like you say.big thanks for advice and well done to you too ,love ali x


Hi Ali,

Well done for starting the quit again! In some weird sort of a way it may give more strength to quit after a fail - it might have seemed easier to stay smoking, especially with your husband not quitting.

But as Fiona says, use that as additional motivation. keep strong and it will get easier. I've quit several times in the past and it was always fairly short lived. But this time it's going to work - I am determined. And it will work for you too. take one day at a time, and when you've got through the first day, use the strength from that to help you through day 2.

All best wishes for today, and every day...



Hi deke, thankyou for your wise words all made alot of sense to me, i am determined this quit and somehow feels good knowing what to expect ,and i hope i can somehow face the cravings head on this of my worries is i have to see a couple of friends 4 days a week and guess what they smoke !! somehow when im with them i feel they light up constantly if not more around me. and seemed extremely pleased when i started smoking after my last quit. which lasted 6 wks .it sounds awful but i feel as those i dont want to see them. is that normal ? or am i being selfish. well done to you in your quit. love ali


hi alisonmc6,,,its not as bad as you think it is,,most of us on here just went c/t,,just took the bull by the horns and went for it,,and we have never looked back,,and 90% of our quit is this fourm,,so meany good people on here to give you all the help you need,,you can rant and rave all you want to.. we will be here for you day and night,,and like i allway say you just keep the faith tony and most of all you just keep your chin up chest out and you keep :D:D:D



Hi tonyx , i dont think im brave enough to do it cold t - yet, but might try after a week , its good to know i can come on here and rant and rave as i know ive needed to in the past attempts. never take another puff !!! im repeating it constantly. the phone rang 5 mins ago and i walked into the kitchen to pick up a cig. just thought " i dont smoke anymore" felt abit disappointed for a split second but has passed now and i managed to finish my telephone call quite calmly . good eh.thanks for your advice, congrats on your quit too, love ali :D


Hi alsion, congratulations on deciding to quit, and a big well done for tackling the phone without a cig, im on day 13 today and im using patches and lozengers, i too dont feel confident to go cold turkey but i dont think it matters what method is used as long as you choose not to smoke. I find it a great help coming on here when having a tough time and also reading all the link pages helps to boost confidence, and all the time the reading and help from people on here keeps you strong and eventually we will get to the point that we are confident enough to go it without the nrt.

each day that passes you become stronger and adapt to all your usual situations but without a cig and the more we do things as a non smoker then it becomes mor natural.

keep going and stay strong



Hi Alison :D

Welcome back you sound so confident and that will be a big help to you and hubby smoking in the garden will also help

As the others have said rant and rave on here as much as you want no ones minds we have all been where you are now




Thanks tracy21 and margareth for your words of support, not to worry i will be on here at some point ranting and raving i just hope when it happens if so, i can be strong and not relapse, as i know how the little demon nico can surprise us at times we least expect it him too:rolleyes:.well done tracy day 13 is great wish i was their with you but not long only 12 & bit days to go for me:D.and margareth you have done fantastic too, so nice to have people to talk to going through the same thing.have been munching away all day. so purchashed a wii fit, still in the box today but will attempt to set it up tomorrow. walking the dogs should help as well. yes feeling confident but know their will be good and hard days but i will keep repeating never take another puff !!.i have found when my thoughts have got really annoying if i put on my mp3 and listern to some music it passes perhaps that can help someone else .lots of love ali x

YES big help hubby in the garden. might chuck a tent out with him if things get bad !


Hi Alison - well teatime has come and gone - I hope you are still staying strong?!!

You have to believe you can get through these first few days that are the hardest. It doesn't matter that your husband smokes, so does mine, it's just something they choose to do. Be proud that you are choosing not to!

A lot of the time at the start it is a case of self- belief. I still sometimes think I'm not sure I can keep this up but that thought only lasts a second or two before I remind myself all the things I am gaining: Health, Wealth and Control!

Stick with us Alison - you'll be fine!


Hi jerry-lee , yes have made it passed teatime, had many negative thought`s and a really bad desire to smoke, but did not give into them, had to watch my hubby roll up and stand outside smoking ,like many people , felt abit lost etc etc. but im happy that he is supporting me by smoking outside which is nice considering how cold it is tonight,:D

i am going to have nice bubble bath and keep myself occupied,and will come back on if getting bad urges to smoke.

It helps to read everyones posts, gives me a bit more strength, thankyou for your support and well done you too!!!! love ali:D


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