Day one again tomorrow. 4th quit now - No Smoking Day

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Day one again tomorrow. 4th quit now

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Hi all

I haven't been very active on here since my first quit attempt a month or so ago.

I quit 3 times in this time, once getting to day 3, once to day 4, and then day 2, before something happened that broke my resolve.

I am getting fed up with it now, the cold looks my fiancee gives me everytime I go out for a fag and the general resentment towards myself at getting so far then failing.

I am not working much at the moment, being self employed, and it seems every work knock back sends me over the edge.

I have been on 5-10 a day so never actually returned to my old 20 a day habit, so I suppose that's something...

I always quit cold turkey and still believe thats the way to go. I have learn't about myself that the side effects of quitting are stomach cramps and occassional light headedness, but nothing else.

I don't miss the "comfort factor" of having a fag, just the nicotine in my body.

So here I am back and going for day one.

I caught up with one of my best mates yesterday who was a worse smoker than me and was surprised when he mentioned he'd quit for 2 weeks on patches. If HE can do it, I can do it! (I was also pleased for him BTW)

This has lead my to think that it might be time for me to revise my strategy and use low 7mg patches, at least for the first week.

May I also say how useful the forum has been in getting me to admit this things to myself, so I thank all, especially the regular members who still post months after they have quit.


Good luck to Emma with your quit tomorrow. Try taking a deep breath and holding it for around a minute when you get a crave.

Mandy and Steve - my fiancee quit the moment we started trying for a baby. It really motivated her like nothing else. She has been smoke free for 3 years. We have a beautiful, healthy 8 month old girl, who I won't go near after having a fag and is the primary reasons I have made all my attempts to quit.

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thank you and good luck to you aswell... :D:D

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Hiya TJ, just keep at it, it looks as if you do want it, and if you want it enough you'll get it. Put all those past tries behind you now, it just takes some people longer than others to get it. If you want to try it that way with the low strenghth patches give it a go. I quit using patches but I did it with the NHS programme and an adviser. you go for it tomorrow Emma and post regularly on how it's going both of you. David

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Stay Strong....

Hi T J, U will do this, just takes time... Theres not to many people give up as often as I did.... That is why at 10 months plus I still have to pinch myself..

I was sucessfull with the forum and patches. But doesnt mean thats the right way, just suited me.... I have had very difficult times at the start, but I can honestly say "it does get easier, and is so worth it...

U really sound like u want to do this, and I believe you will....

Ride the storm especially in the early stages and u will make it.....

Good Luck and post regular to get support..... Kaz :p

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Good luck!


Just wanted to wish you the best of luck in your new quite attempt. The main thing is to keep trying , and to vary the giving up technique until you find one that works for you - I'm sure you will! I smoked 20 a day for 20 years and never thought I'd be able to stop, but I've not smoked a cig for 6 months now... I used the inhalator thing, I missed the nicotine and habit of sucking on something - it's tough braking any habit, so being addicted to nicotine makes it harder to quit smoking, having a nicotine replacement choice gives you a fall back for stress times so it's definitely worth trying.

I'm self employed too, and have a non smoking (but thankfully very supportive) fiancée! - let us know how you're doing and remember, it's not falling down that makes you fail in life, it's failing to get back up! Just vary your approach and you'll get there - if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got!

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Hi Jools

Welcome back and well done deciding to restart your quit you haven't failed though unless you stop trying

Do a lot of reading on here both the posts and the links in our signatures get to know your enemy that really helps OK

Also posting on here helps both you and others and allows the people here to helps you as you



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Thanks for the replies guys.

I smoked the last fag early this morning on a walk to the pharmacy to buy some patches. However the £15 cost :eek: for 1 pack of 7 made me wonder who's worse - the tabacco industry, whose product cost is mostly tax or the drug companies, who are not.

Needless to say I bought a £5 pack of 30 gums and put one strip in my pocket in case I really need it.

So far I haven't had the urge and it's cost me the same as a packet of fags.

On reflection gum is probably better for me as I chew enough of the normal stuff anyway :rolleyes: to cover smokey bad breath.

It's also strangely reassuring to know I can get a fix without smoking if I really, really need too.

I will post again tomorrow in day 2 as I am confident today will be fine. It's the second day thats always the worst.. :(

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Well done in not giving up on giving up!

You mentioned the cost of the patches... this is my umpteenth time at quitting and I've gone onto patches this time - and it's really helped, but I went to the doctors...

They gave me 4 weeks worth of the first stage 15mg and it cost me the price of a prescription (£7.20)... I've just picked up another 4 weeks worth of the 10mg for the same cost. You said you're self employed, so you don't need to ask your boss for time off! Ring them and book some time with them - they'll discuss the better options for you and give advice to.

Good luck to you - my little girl is one of my biggest motivators in this - I want to see her grow up, I want to be with her as long as I can and I don't want to smell like an ashtray. I picture her smiling face and that makes it all the more easier...

Rachael :)

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If you have "Poundworld" round your way, look in there for gum, I've seen it in ours.

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GOOD LUCK talljools!

Keep busy in the first few days - this seem to help me. Not just physically busy (if you can) but mentally busy. If one of those cravings pops into your head - dismiss it instantly, and think of something more interesting instead. I also found drinking COLD water SLOWLY at times of need seem to take 'the edge off' any cravings that came my way....I'd rather reach for another water than a cig. Time for a cig? No time for water.

I went cold turkey - am on day 14 tomorrow - cravings do pass after 3/4 days - and then its the mental barrier.

Be stubborn. Be strong. Dont give in. I've had beers again this weekend (went to a party that lasted to the very early hours of the morning) - and although I had the worst hangover for at least 3 weeks ( :) ) I hadn't smoked. I actually thought to myself I had, but my fiancée reassured me I hadn't even mentioned it. I cant even remember whether those around me at the party who were smoking or not!! If i can do it, so can you.

It is hard work - but when you get "there" it does feel great.




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nsd_user663_7529 sound like you're really trying. Like "helloworld" says, you're very nearly there. Day 5 of CT was the day it started to get better for me. If you can do 4 days, you can do 5 days. Then 6. Then 7. Just take a day at a time...that's what I'm trying to do. This is my third "serious" quit and this time it feels like it will stick.

I totally hear what you're saying about doing it for the "little one". The thing that strengthened my resolve this time was when my two year old pointed to my baccy out on the side and said "go in Daddy mouth!". I thought I'd kept it away from him and he'd never really seen me or if he had he was too young to understand. I was obviously wrong and they know more than you think. I need to knock it on the head before he REALLY knows. I don't want him to smoke and parental smoking significantly influences the likelihood that children will take up cigarettes. If you don't want your daughter to smoke, you need to not smoke.

That thought might just get you to day 5!

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You are stronger than you think

Hi glad to here you are going for it solidly this time and that part of the reason is your baby, I have been finished for 4 weeks and nearly 4 days LOL and when I stand next to a smoker I realise how much I stunk (sorry but its true) and how much my babies must have recoiled at the smell of me and in a week or 2 you yourself will know what I meant so good luck on your quit x

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Keep failing until you get there. Remember it's an addiction to the drug and nothing to do with you being useless.

Don't blinker yourself by saying cold turkey is the only way and try everything that's out there if you need to until you find what works for you.

Well done. Keep on giving up. 👍

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