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No Smoking Day
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Day 2 - feeling quietly confident (and aching like b*tch!)

So, it's day number 2 for me today, well, only 7 hours left until I'm at 48 hours...

I'm feeling pretty good to be honest, but I know from previous quits that it doesn't start to hit me until day 5. I should mention I have NEVER made it past day 5 or through an entire weekend.

So, even though my long term goal is to stay quit, my immediate more short term goal is to make it onto day 6 and to go for an entire weekend and then I'll take it as comes after the above milestones have passed me.

There are now two gold stars on my chart - awarded to me by my 6 year old -and there's £5 quid in the jar.. :)

On another note, I went for my first class of aquafit last night - one hour of swimming and one hour of aerobics. Oh My F*ck!! I had no idea I used my body so little - I am ACHING, particularly my upper body. It's a good ache though, haha :p

One plus of this entire thing is that I'm on maternity leave - so I can occupy myself any way I want instead of having to sit and work and try and concentrate on something in great detail etc. I can choose to read, do some housework, do some gardening, make something to eat or a drink, do a crossword, go out for a walk, do the ironing - just something fun and/or productive :)

Ah well, instead of rambling on, I shall bugger off.

Let's keep going guys! :rolleyes:

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Hi Emma, what a great post, congratualtions on your quit you are doing fantastic!

Sorry that your aching from aqua aerobics, but as you say its a good ache, ive never tried this exercise maybe i should find a local class!

Take one day at a time and promise yourself not to smoke each day you wake up, baby steps will take you far!

A great idea to get your son involved and giving you gold stars will boost your confidence too!

keep strong and post often,



Oh definitely - I would recommend aqua aerobics to anybody - it feels effortless, but judging by my aches and pains today - it's certainly working *something*

I was a bit embarrassed when I went last night as it was full of 'larger' people, majority of which qualified for their free bus-pass ;)

As a nearly-25 year old (on Thursday!), who's a size 10 - I felt like I shouldn't be there, but then I figured I wasn't there to lose weight like most probably were - I was there to get fit and to find a new interest/hobby other than smoking.

My baby is only 10 weeks, so I still have a wobbly tummy, I had just as much right to be there as anyone else! Hee hee.


Hi Emma,

Really glad to hear that you are going well with Day 2 nearly completed. And with young children you have excellent motivation too. Love the thought of your six year old awarding you gold stars on your chart.:D

Stay strong



Welcome Emma

Congratulations on stopping smoking your new baby and your beautiful 6 year old will benefit so much and smell so good, well done you.

I also used patches in the beginning. A great help when stopping is reading about the addiction to nicotine, it helps to understand where we have been and what we are going through, the websites are in my signature.

Good luck Emma, when is your new bundle due, it will be amazing for us to join in on the excitement?



Good luck Emma, when is your new bundle due, it will be amazing for us to join in on the excitement?

Ah my little bundle of joy is already here - he arrived April 4th after a 1 hour and ten minute labour! He's an absolute DELIGHT, so content and mild mannered.. :]

I think I'm actually going to crack it this attempt, I feel completely different to my other 2 serious, prior quits..

Have only been on here for a total of 24 hours and have already recieved so much support and positive replies, I really believe this forum is going to make all of the difference!



Well done Emma, day two for me too.

I also started back at the Gym last night - not too sore today but I know from previous experience that it always gets me two days later!!

This is my second serious attempt at quiting and I know how important it is to keep yourself busy.

Good lucky collecting your gold stars.



Thanks for the support Alison, yeah, it really is important to keep busy...

It's weird how short the cravings are though, one minute you want one, so you do something to taske your mind off it and then an hour or so has passed before you know it!

I'm not aching too bad to be honest, it's just my arms and shoulders really - everywhere else is fine haha... I'm sure in a few weeks it'll ease off as my body gets used to it. It was so much fun though!

Stay in touch! It'll be nice to have somebody at the same level going up through the different forums with me!



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