9 months and counting

I am 9 months quit today and still can't quite believe it:confused:

I know some of you will be starting your journey today. I wish you all the very best of luck. Just take it hour by hour, day by day, week by week and before you know it you are counting the months. It really is an amazing feeling and it really does get easier:)

Happy New Year to everyone - I know I will - Penthouse here I come xxx

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  • 9 months is absolutely brilliant! Onwards and upwards to the Penthouse from now!!

  • Oh well done!! That's absolutely fab :D

  • Mags - well done hun. Way to go - I'm still right behind you! :D xx

  • Well done Mag

    Thanks for an encouraging post it really helps to hear the success stories :)

    Happy New Year and here's to your Penthouse arrival :D

    Take care


  • Thanks for an encouraging post it really helps to hear the success stories :)

    Nifty's right, it's a real help to hear your success, so thanks, and well done on getting to 9 months.

  • Ohhhh Shazza so very pleased to see you are still here:D not long to go now Hun until we can celebrate a whole year smoke free:D

    Thanks guys, pleased to be of help although I feel a little guilty I don't post enough. I always try to look in to see how everyone is getting on:cool:

    If I could go through the worst of it all for you, I would, but then I suppose it's part of the process so that you can appreciate the better times when it becomes easier.

    Good luck to you all - it is soooo worth it;)

  • Mags, well done I am so pleased for you and you deserve to be proud. Fantastic achievement.xxx

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