Today is 9 Callender Months

Hi Everyone

9 months today and feeling really great it just keeps getting better

Thats 273 days since my last fag

I have saved £1,869.52

By not smoking 6,823 cigarettes.

I have saved 3 Weeks, 2 Days, 16 hours and 35 minutes of my life.

My Quit Date: 17/11/08

To say I am chuffed is an understatement of how I feel right now

I know I've said it before and no doub't will say it again but I smoked for over 50 years so if I can quit anyone can


Marg xxxxxxx

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  • You are doing really well Marg Congratulations:D:D


  • Bloody great Margaret, well done. You have been stopped now for about the same amount of time you were carrying that little baby Stuart lol. David xxx

  • Congratulations Marg ....what an inspiration you are to all the people on here......well done you deserve to be feeling chuffed....very big hug from me!!

  • Marg,

    Congratulations on 9 months. A fantastic achievement. Hasn't time flown?:D



  • Hi Wayne :D

    Thank you so much for the message

    Hi David :D

    Thankyou and yeah stopped the same amount of time I carried that little boy I called Stuart

    Hi Kez :D

    Thankyou and also thanks for the hug ahhhhhhh I needed that

    Hi Bernie :D

    Thankyou as well and yes the time has passed really quickly

    Love to you all

    Marg xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Chrissie :D

    Thank you very much for the message and the Tinkerbell film enjoyed that with a cup of coffee

    You're so right about believing is where it begins


    Marg xxxxxxx


    lots of love Jackie

  • Hi Marge,

    9 months is fantastic, well done. 3/4 of the way to the penthouse. :D


  • Hi Jackie :D

    Thanks for the message

    Hi Deke :D

    Thanks also for your message

    Yep 3/4 way there now it's a great feeling to be free after so many years

    Love to you both

    Marg xxxxxxx


    I bet you can see the penthouse on the horizon!!!:)

  • Congratulations Marg on 9 Calendar months!!

    Marvellous Achievement.. i'm glad you've put how many cigarettes you haven't smoked, but have you considered what that also means?

    6,823 Cigarettes not smoked.


    Lets presume that one cigarette is 3 inches which you would have smoked each one.

    3 * 6823 = 20469 inches.

    Lets convert that to something else:

    0.32312778123 miles (thats over a third of a mile not smoked!)

    519.9126 meters (or over half a kilometer not smoked)

    51991.26 centimeters

    well an olympic sized swimming pool is what? 50 meters in length.. 519 is more than 10 lengths of this Olympic Sized swimming pool.

    And that is presuming its just a 3 inch cigarette.

    Frightening isn't it?!


    If it took you 2 mins to smoke one, that would be over 227 hours spent smoking 6823 of them. (over 9 full days)

    If it took you 3 mins, thats over 341 hours spent on 6823 (over 14 full days)

    If it took you 5 mins, thats over 568 hours spent on 6823. (over 23 full days)

    Well done you !!!!!!

  • Hi Nog :D

    Thanks for the message and yeah

    As I'm just 5 foot tall if I I stand on tippy toes, lean a little to the right and crane my neck a bit I can definitely see the Penthouse now

    So next month will see it a bit clearer

    Hi Jase :D

    Thankyou for the message and all those statistics are interesting it's frightening how much time I wasted smoking


    Marg xxx

  • Hi Margareth

    Big big well done on 9 months quit,less than 100 days to the penthouse now :)

  • Big bloody well done and a hundred massive hugs to you Marg. A true inspiration. Thanks for everything xxxx

  • Congratulations, Marg and another hundred massive hugs from me as well :D

  • Hi Michael :D

    Thanks for the message yeah less than a hundred days to go now but it really doesn't seem possible

    Hi Fiona :D

    thanks to you also for the message and all those lovely hugs

    Hi Bella :D

    Wow more hugs from you as well thanks so much those hugs will last me foe a while now

    Hi Joan :D

    Thankyou for the message and the hugs also I am really chuffed to be here

    Love to you all

    Marg xxxxxxxxxxx


    You go are an inspiration to us all :)

    One coffee and walnut cake on your careful not to squash it when you open the door ;)

    Enjoy it you deserve every bit of it :)

    Lots of love



  • Hi Carol :D

    Thanks for the message and the cake yummy just found it and it's soooooooo good

    Going to make a coffee to go with it now


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Well done marg

    Congrads on your 9 months not be long till your in the penthouse:D

    love lee xxxxxxxxxxx:D

  • Well done :) 9months is along time :) I wish you luck for the next nine.

  • Hi Lee :D

    Thankyou for the message just 90+ days to go now


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Marge, CONGRATULATIONS on 9 whole months!!!!! Penthouse here you come! Hope they have some rooms left with a view! Keep going strong.

  • Wow!

    You are an inspiration to us all Marg

    ~~~Congratulations Marg!!!~~~

  • Hi Ozzy :D

    Thankyou for the message


    Marg xxxxxxx

    Hi Caroline :D

    Thanks for the message and be sure I'll keep an eye on them and make sure they don't leave a mess around


    Quit Mummy xxxxxx

    Hi Jody :D

    Thanks they better have a room with a view when I get there and I don't mean the back yard or the rubbish heap


    Marg xxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Coaltyt :D

    Thanks for that


    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Marg

    Almost missed your Big day hunnie. Soooooooo sorry went back to my job at the school Today and 2 other cleaning jobs so first time on tonite.

    BIg congrats quit buddy 3/4 done and dusted. Your almost there babes.xxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Linda :D

    Thanks for the message and yeah 3/4s of the way to the penthouse

    Next week you'll join me as well and if you speed up a bit :D we can take the penthouse by storm together

    Sounds like you've been busy as usual


    Marg xxxx

  • Way to go Margaret. :D:D

    You are guiding light, an absolute star, and still 'affecting me'* with your fantastic success.

    Keep on keepin' on!

    Cav :)


  • Hi Cav :D

    Thanks for the message glad I'm still *affecting you* because of my success :p :D

    I'll keep on keeping on until I join you in the Penthouse even though you're 10 months ahead of me along this road


    Marg xxxxxxx

  • Margaret well done.

    It doesn't seem like 9 months since you joined, doesn't time fly?

  • Sorry not to be online yesterday, Mum....

    Congrats on your 9 months, as everyone else has said.... thoroughly deserved and I personally couldn't be prouder of my Muvver :D

    Well done!

  • Hi TDKJohn :D

    Thanks for the message and yes times does fly I remember you as well from when I joined you were one of the first to welcome me Thankyou


    Marg xxxx

    Hi Stuart :D

    You're forgiven just this once :p

    Thanks for the message, I'm proud of you as well


    Mum xxxxxxxx

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