9 months: A small pregnancy

Wow, nine months since I stoppped smoking. I stopped completely, no hesitation, no ambivalence. NOT ONE BLIP... Not a puff here or there.

Sure, I have my moments of thinking about smoking, when I see someone on TV, or catch a whiff of the fresh smoke wafting in the air. However, I know that I don't need or even want that life any more. Like others, I romanticize smoking, as in the Hamlet cigar add.. It's all an illusion!!!

I'm proud, but when I think of the effort it takes for a real pregnancy, this is only the beginning of life... And I want to live!!!


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  • Hey Alex, A big well done to you on your 9 months, and what a lovely way to put it! a new life.....

    think youve cracked the code matey.... I have no doubt you will be in the penthouse and beyond! a huge inspiration, and I thank you for being you, and saying it exactly how it is! your a star :)



  • Well done Alex. Nine months is a fantastic achievement, and you sound so secure. It's very inspiring.

    I'm a few weeks behind you, so if you could tidy up the penthouse for me when you get there, that would be splendid.

    H x

  • Congratulations Alex a BIG well done to you, always knew you could do it!

    Haven't seen you on here much lately don't go hiding now, really like your advice and your straight talking.

    To a happy smoke free new life.

    Maria. x:)

  • Hi Alex

    Congratulations m8 on your 9 months. That is just absolutely bliming brilliant. You and i will soon be at the penthouse bar.

    Anyhow keep up the good work my friend, here's to your next milestone :)


  • Well done from me too Alex, a great achievement ;):D

  • Thanks very much! I hope to see ALL of you in the Penthouse soon.

    I haven't been around much recently, but I do intend to continue regularly checking in, and helping out wherever I can.

    Again, many thanks for all your support!


  • :) so so happy for you alex!!!:)

    congrats on 9 months!! the gift of life is a beautiful thing and you are saving yours!! so enjoy it!!!:)

  • Thanks very much Imaquitter, and best wishes! See you too in the penthouse not long from now.


  • {hug}

    congratulations! I'll save some nibbles at the buffet on the penthouse balcony !

  • Thanks very much Lemsip!


  • I pop on to see how everyone is and I see this, sorry I am a bit late in my congrats but that should just balance out you posting early :D:D

    There are a few people I miss chatting with on here and you are one of them. Wish you all the best and hope to catch up with you one day when we are both online :D

    Sian xx

  • Thanks very much Karri. How are you getting on these days?

    Thanks very much Sian. You need to get back on here more often! :D The place has been very quiet recently, and we miss you too!


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