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No Smoking Day
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9 months and counting


I have not been on here for a very long time, but thought i would just give and update, i am still not smoking after 9 months and dont really think about it, even when i was a work trip to Ibiza and every one was smoking i stood my ground but still woke up like i had smoked 200 one after the other as in spain you can still smoke in bars and clubs. the only time i tend to think of smoking is when im bored, although i have stopped smoking i have gained 2 stone and now need to focus on loosing that now.

good luck every one

i look forward to giving an update in 3 months when i have hit the year

jodie x

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Hi Jodie :D

CONGRATULATIONS on your 9 months smoke free


Marg xx


Hi Jodie,

It's great to see you going strong. 9 months is a significant achievement, and the one year mark is now tantalisingly close.:D


Congratulations on hitting 9 months that's a brilliant three quarters of a year, well done.



Congratulations on a big 9 months quit Jodie :)

Its all downhill to the Penthouse now for you.Dont worry about the weight gain to much i gained about a stone and a half but by just walking 30 minutes everday then increasing it to 45-60 minutes i have lost 11lb in about 6 weeks so i am well on my way back to my pre quit weight.

I go to Spain in April but wont be tempted at all.


Hi Jodie

Good to see you have still quit.

I am also suffering with the weight gain but going to focus on that after Xmas.

See you in the penthouse then!




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