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No Smoking Day
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9 Months for Nicfirth

I know you don't come on much - but I hope you still read the site from time to time, Nic.....

Congratulations on 9 months Nic - one of the quitters I really looked up to when I first arrived here 7 months ago.

Also one of those that pounded the "know thy enemy" approach into me, and many others..... truly the best way to ensure a trouble free, long term quit.

Thanks Nic, and enjoy your day :D

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Huge Congratulations Nic :) 9 Months is a fantastic achievement.

Can only add to what Stuart has said, you gave me some very good advice during the early days which kept me away from the nicotine, which i will always be very grateful for.

Enjoy your day :) raining here atm :(




Nic, Congratulation on 9 months! Your links really helped me to read, read, read and that's what has kept me quit! Education is the key, thanks.


CONGRATS Nic 9 months OMG where as the time gone. Just has stu have said you have always helped me loads. Come back and see us Nic. MISS YOU . Linda xxxxxx


Hi Nic :D

WOW 9 months quit that's 3/4 of a year soon be in the Penthouse


Thanks for all your help and support


Marg xxxxxxxxxx


9 month Nic

Well done Nic and thank you for taking the time to offer me support along my way,


Congrats on 9 months Nic...........


Thanks guys,

I'm very pleased to be a non smoker, and very happy to think that I have helped some other people to become one too.

I'm very busy with other things at the moment, (martial arts, family and work) but will try to come one at least once a week, to keep an eye on you all!!! I have my next grading to look forward to mid May, which is the last before Black Belt, which was one of my major reasons for quitting.

Hang in there everyone I can confirm that it gets much easier:)


Congratulations nic, nine months as a non smoker and now on your way to the penthouse.

well done and thanks for your help early in my quit.



Hi Again Nick

Just to say good luck with the Grading and the Black belt.xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Nic-looks like I'm late with this but well done on nine months-truly inspirational!

Can only echo what others have said-you are a big part of why I've managed to stay quit all this time-thanks again mate.



I missed this first time around too. Well done on the 9 months:D:D

You have been a great help to lots of people on this board - me included, thanks.




Sorry it's a little late, congratulations on 7 months. It seems you have used the same principals to stop as in your martial arts, a very good idea.





Hi Nic,

Congratulations on 9 months, that really is excellent. I don't often browse through the 6+months posts, but didn't want to let your milestone go by without saying Well Done.



Thank you all very much,

Its day 280 today, which is 40 weeks, so that means I'm 12 weeks from the penthouse :D


Hope you come back and collect your stinking sock before you enter.....


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