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Hello 2013, Hello No Smokey Me!


Well it's now been 2 hours and 47 minutes. I like to think in that time I have perhaps repaired at least a little of the damage I've caused to myself during my 20 year smoking career. I have passed this time drinking tea, scoffing jaffa cakes, and calmly gathering together and chucking out all lighters, ashtrays and other smoking related paraphenalia, placing it straight into the big green wheely bin out the front and then emptying the contents of the kitchen bin on top to make any attempted retrieval a stinky and unappealing prospect. Bedtime reading consists of Alan Carr's 'Easy Way To Stop Smoking'. Tomorrow I will be clean.

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Sounds like you've got it planned! I'm a little way behind you, somewhere around the hour mark, same theory, same planning, same method. I'm a little worried to be reading the book again as I've tried to quit before and some of the time just thinking about smoking makes it harder.

Although this time I feel as determined as you clearly seem to be.

Guess we're on this road together.

You'll find the emotions are up and down. I'm on day one and even mourned at the fact that i'm not going to have a cigarette ever again!

Welcome to the forum Lady Murphy, let's hope the start of the new year is the start of your smoke free life!!

Stay strong x

Hello there smoke free Lady Murphy.

It's absolutely fantastic seeing so many new quitters!

Molly x

Welcome to the forum LadyMurphy, and all the other NY quitters.

Good, good decision.

I quit on the 22 December 2010 but my quit buddies were the NY 2011 gang: a lot of us made it and are now celebrating two years free of the stinky weed. It was plain sailing for some, pretty stormy for others, but none of us regret a moment of it because the feeling of liberation is just amazing. I thought I would always want to smoke, even if I managed to stay quit. Now I wouldn't smoke if you paid me a million quid.

This journey is not an impossible one. Just take one day at a time - one hour at a time at the beginning - and keep focused on all the positives.

The longer you travel, the easier the travelling becomes. Don't look back.

Helen x

Welcome Lady Murphy and Akaash. Good decisions to quit, keep reading and posting on here and take it one day at at time. Before you know it the months will be passing, and it will be a lot, lot easier.

You'll find the emotions are up and down. I'm on day one and even mourned at the fact that i'm not going to have a cigarette ever again!

Easy TH, you're just not smoking at the moment, same as me. It's easier to deal with early on....;)

Welcome too to Lady Murphy and Akaash, keep posting, this forum's invaluable.

I've never liked the sound of forever.

Do those on here who've been at this longer remember setting any milestones? A day, three days, week etc?

What worked for you?

I personally think you have to think forever because if you don't see it as permanent then you will always find an excuse to smoke. That is just my opinion though and lots have found the "I choose not to smoke today" mantra helps. I tell myself I am a non smoker and this is forever, no excuses.

Thanks so much to you all for your support and kind words, so far so good, I haven't yet been down the bin to retrieve the cigarettes and lighters I chucked out yesterday. I did nearly accidentally buy cigarettes today though - it's become such a habit when faced with a checkout counter to ask for 20 Marlboro Lights. I've told Thelma the shopkeeper not to sell me any even if I beg and cry. Best of luck to all my fellow new quitters, I'm sure it will get a bit harder but it's nice to know we're in it together. Ginger tea is quite a good distraction I've found - grated fresh ginger in hot water - nice strong taste but clean.

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