Hello Everybody!!! Almost 2 YEARS FOR ME!!


It has been almost 2 years of smoke free bliss, well the quiting part wasn't all bliss but the pay off has been. :D 2 Years is a pretty nice mile stone. I don't really think about smoking anymore which is great. I feel great too! If I can go from almost 3 packs a day to nothing and feel this good anyone can.

Go job, good luck and go for it!!!!!!!!


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  • Congrats Grinfire :)

    Another inspirational year + quitter!!!

    I will be at that point one day :D

  • Hello Grinfire

    Very well done on almost 2 years quit

    I to will get there

  • Excellent !!! :D You must be well chuffed !!! :D

  • Hey Grinfire Congrats On 2 years thats FANTASTIC:D

  • Hi Grin

    Remember me? Well done mate bet your feeling right proud.xxxxx

  • well done :d

  • Bloody inspirational! That is what us newbies need to hear..... oh and by the way... well done :D

  • woot woot

    well done Grin! For my past quit, you were an inspiration, and definitely have helped me realize it is possible to stay quit now. Almost halfway to where you are! Keep rocking the clean air!

  • this is very useful

    Wow, this is very useful.. Thanks for sharing this and hoping I could implement it too.

  • Hi Grin

    Well done.

    I find the inspirations from those of you ahead a great help in the early stage i am in at around the 3 week quit length...

    thanks for the post grin :)

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