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12 Weeks...despite VERY smokey weekend

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Hi all

The 3 month room is looking a bit bare of late. Hope we’re all well and that the curse of the “Dreaded 3s” is not taking too much of a toll.

Well as the title says – I’m now 12 weeks smoke free, despite a VERY smokey weekend indeed in Vienna – where everyone smokes everywhere at every time of the day. London is like one big smoking cessation clinic in comparison!

Went to a coffee house – everyone smoking!. Walking the street – everyone smoking! Walking round a street market – everyone smoking! I won’t even mention the bars!

How I didn’t just light up with my cup of punch I don’t know – but I didn’t! And I’m proud of that – and it’s a few more triggers dealt with.

Its not like I had massive cravings – it was just like “Now – that would be nice to sit there and have a fag and a drink”. But my rabidly anti smoking friend was there to support me and threaten me with violence if I had one :).

I had a few fluttery heart moments – like the early days of not smoking – but am not sure if this is linked.

Overall things are going well – but it’s a funny old period (like many have said). Still don’t feel 100% - but am getting there slowly but surely.

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Dear Atomicguy, You are to be commended for stepping into that hornet's nest of temptation and emerging without a sting. Congratulations on hitting the 3 month mark. We just got a new TV. Let's watch a game and throw back a few. You mention not feeling 100%. I have given this some thought lately and cannot wrap my brain around it either. I am almost to the point of thinking that a post smoking 100% Is not what I expected. i.e. I will always want to smoke a 2 foot long smoke. Congratulations again and stay in touch.

Hi Atomicguy :D

Well done you that's great and some massive triggers out ogf the way for you as well

I'm glad you had a ggod time as well



Well done, phew sounds like it was a bit of a nightmare weekend you should feel really proud for getting through it.

I will be moving on up on Wednesday and there is a grumpy yank around here somewhere who will be joining us I'm sure, and one or two others lurking around, so lets get the party started a quarter of the way to the Penthouse now that is something to celebrate.

Huge congrats on 12 weeks done with your quit :)

That trip i bet was a challenge but one you rose to and got past, so be happy with that for sure!!! that was alot of temptation in your way there.. so to rise above that is great!

Well done you :)

Hi guys - cheers for all your messages.

This please really is great and does help.

It was a funny old trip - as I was there last New Year -but of course I was there as a smoker. It made me think - "did I used to be like that" as I was in some place and it was just SO unpleasant.

Also - had a bizzarre dream last night that I was in a mate's house just about to light a Rothmans International! I've never even smoked those!! But i didn't light it in the dream.

Bev - great to hear you sounding better - here's to it lasting.

Stump - remind me again - where in the US are you?

the coast of North Carolina. Tobacco country.

Well done on your 12 weeks, I remember it well, it gets easier day by day.

You did well going through all those triggers, holiday times can be very trying.

I also thought the 3 month room was not doing very much lately, wonder where they are all hiding!!


Stump - Cor, my Vienna trip is a breeze compared to that.

Jackie - cheers. Yes it has been quiet - hopefully all getting ready for the laughs and frolics to be had in the Month 4 & 5 room (blimey - I am going to be in ther next week!!)

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