No Smoking Day
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Ding dong - smokey smokey!

Hi all, Pablo here.

On day 38 for me but I'm really thinking about the dirty little buggers tonight. Other half is in London at a concert and as well as the M & S ready meal have had a couple of glasses of wine :eek:

I'm trying my best self control (and am even watching X Factor), but feel like wandering over to Tesco's to get some. I don't think I will, as writing on here has helped already (I'm just sitting it out and I know it'll go away), so maybe just needed to get over the top of it......

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Aaargh watching the X Factor can't be helping - I know those stupid twins drive me to drink anyway!

Stay strong, think how far you've come already. If you buy some now you'll just have to go through those first couple of weeks AGAIN - and I wouldn't wish that on anybody!


Thanks MadcatWoman - those twins drive me bonkers as well!!:mad:

Have just been to do some the washing up so no longer feel the need. Funny though isn't it, I haven't thought about smoking for a couple of days now, but a couple of glasses of wine and the fact that I could smoke (and with the other half away no one would ever know) pops a little thought into my head. Anyway, gone it's gone now, so roll on the results show tomorrow night!!! :eek:


Hi Pablo :D

38 days done that's great keep it going

Well done getting through last night smoke free




Hope you got through it ok

Its weird you think you have it under control and then it just sneaks into your mind evil little thoughts and you think ... sure no one would know... cept that the only people we would be kidding are ourselves

Youve done amazing keep it up

Elaine x


Hi Elaine,

Thanks - got through the weekend ok, and now on day 42:)

Have been to a funeral today. A year ago would be looking for every opportunity to get outside and smoke in the circumstances - in the Church grounds :eek:, Crematorium and back at the house where everyone went.

However, today I thought it's just part of the learning experience, so as well as everything else going along I just went along with it, and (the non smoking) part of the day was ok.

Pablo x


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