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3 years today

Hi to you all and I hope you are are having a very Happy Christmas and that the New Year will be especially Great for all of you.

3 years today so for some one who had decided they would be a lifetime smoker with all the added health risks that go with it I am now a confirmed non smoker, sorry that my days of giving support on here seem to be less than they were but their are some great supporters so I don't feel so guilty for being on less than I was, sad to see some that gave me some fantastic support are no longer with us, some sadly will only live on in our hearts.

Have a great time and Hi to all my quit buddies who can effeminately hand on heart know they were a major part of my quit xxx

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Huge congrats Jamangie, makes me smile every year to read your Xmas post! I can't imagine starting a quit on Xmas day what with all the booze and what not. Still 3 years is no small feat.... Keep up the good work, speak soon!


Wow, three years! That feels impossible to me at the moment!

Thanks so much for coming on and helping to see it can be done Jamangie, it means a lot today :)

Molly x


Congrats Jamangie and Merry Christmas to you too.



Thanks for sharing your good news. I love, love hearing success stories like this.

3 years is amaazzzing. Well done. You are a Christmas Star:)

Fi x



Thats a great post to be reading today


Great acheivement Jamangie reaching 3 years


Hope you had a great christmas




3 year jamangie, excellent.


Thanks all for taking the time too reply, off too hit the sales, erm what for i have no idea just going to look!!!!!!!! I think.

Have a good time today and for those that have passed criggy without a puff well done.



Well done my lovely. Cannot believe it had been 3 years. How time flies. I am so chuffed for you. Hope you survived the sales!

G. Xx


Thanks G its lovely for those that have been on the quit trail with you to give their support even after this length of time, wouldnt be their with out you all and thats not bull shit lol wow it let me post that, I think.

Lostie its not easy but their will come a time when you will look back and say

:eek: I quit and it doesnt hurt any more, seems sometimes that that is just a dream but I promise you its a very achievable goal, the first ciggy to quit is not the hardest but its the first step on a fantastic road to take, small steps will get you their, one day at a time will always be the best advice I think anyone can give you.


Huge Congratulations Jamangie!!!



I missed your 3 year anniversary by a few days, Jamangie. You've done brilliant, you should be proud.

It's funny i didn't think to logon here until i had a few smokers round at my house today. Smoking triggers make me want to logon these days, not smoke, which is quite reassuring.

Anyway, have a great New Year and keep on quitting. You are an inspiration to all of us. :)

ps. I'll hit my 3 years in June! :D


3 years is absolutely awesome J - and quitting on Christmas day too, that takes a lot of strength! Like a lot on here I love reading posts from long time quitters like yourself, it really does give us inspiration!!!


Well Done and Happy Birthday!

Well done Jamangie. Fantastic achievement. I admired your Chrismas quit, but OMG, not just Chrimbo, but New Year and your birthday too!! :D

I see we share a birthday, so many happy returns. Hope you have / had a good one. I tend not to bother celebrating. My DH has a late Jan birthday. We're going away for some winter sun and that's our Chrimbo and Birthday presents to each other - we just buy the memories these days. :D

BW, Shazza


Almost missed this one :o

Belated congrats on your 3 years Jammie :D


Hooge congrats Jam. it just shows there is no such thing as a confirmed smoker! your an inspiration to all those that dont try because they think they are That smoker that cant quit . :cool: Mash


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