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3 Years today

3 Years quit

I can say still glad to be quit and the first few days are long gone, for me I try not to forget because I really didn’t think I could quit, I don’t want to have to quit again.

I’d tried so many times before, used so many quit aids, failing abysmally each time (all within 2 days of the quit in fact in retrospect would argue I managed to find a butt end or used a rizla paper to make a decent sized smoke out of left overs, sounds disgusting now and so low rent but at the time I had no shame, wouldn’t have shouted it from the rooftops but…. .) Learnt a few things on the journey, smoked heaviest in mornings, alcohol is dangerous and when a crave is upon you it is very easy to find a justification for giving in and in all honestly it is a justification , there is no situation which is improved by a lungful of smoke.

So how’d I do it, I hear you ask, no magic formula sadly, I just really wanted to quit more than I wanted to give in this time. All my previous quits had been Monday morning, this quit was Sunday afternoon, mid horrendous hangover and I had 5 fags left and that was that. It was also hell at times, for the first few days I was in cloud cuckoo land as my brain got use to oxygen again.

I smoked for 20 years of my life, I had some associations to overcome (more than some less than others), first flight 12 days into quit, prompted a craving, why? Because I always had a fag as I got off the plane. The first year is full of firsts, first Christmas, Easter, birthday, holiday and the list goes on but each time you get through the crave or amend your behaviour it gets easier to the point when you don’t get them anymore. Sometimes it’s just a thought, which you could act on but thankfully the memory of what it took to quit stops me, that’s why I remember, for me it keeps me quit.

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congrats!!!! so happy for you!! 3 years is great!!:D

take a bow!!


Well done MAH three years feels good, doesn't it. Smashing post too. David xx


Great post Mah, proves that we can all get there if we just keep trying.

Congratulations on a brilliant 3 years.

Gaynor x


Great achievement MAH. Well done!!!



3 Years quit!!

Excellent quittage, MAH :cool:


Bumpety bump


Congrats MAH

Excellent effort, although I suspect that there is precious little effort involved now?


Well done Mah, one day there will be an s in your name and it will be mine. methinks 3 yrs is do-able for me.

Mash x


Wonderful MAH - and you're right, we shouldn't forget, never be complacent!

CONGRATULATIONS on a truly successful quit x


Congratulations on passing your 3 year milestone.


Well done, I hope you gave yourself a well earned pressie with all the pennies you have saved.


Jackie xx


Awesome Mah!! Big congrats for your 3 years, lovely post, well done you!!


:D well done :D

3 years is a great achievement :)


Thanks all, it's good to know there is still a place to come for a bragging rights/rites even after 3 years.

Onwards and upwards and the view from year 4 is spectacular.





How totally rubbish am I missing your 3 year quit. Very belated well dones Mah xxx


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