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Another 3 year + quitter


Hi everyone,

I've just popped back to give a few words of encouragement to all the newbies. For those of you who quit on Jan 1st, WELL DONE!!!.:D It was the best decision you will ever have made. It is NOT easy, in fact, it is B....Y hard at times.:eek: But, as each day/week/month, and then, GLORY BE, each year passes, you will find that your health and pocket have improved dramatically.

There will be days when you think that you will never stop craving the evil weed, but the frequency, and the strength of the craving, will get less and less, until one day, you realise that you have not even thought about cigarettes all day long.

I used Champix to quit, and l must say, after going through all the usual methods to quit, it was the only thing which l stuck to, and was successful with.

I was 64 when l quit, and had smoked since l was 17 years of age, and had built up to about 55 to 60 cigarettes a day. So l was a SERIOUS smoker LOL.

I stopped the first time of trying with Champix, after failing miserably with my other attempts. So, TAKE HEART, it can be done, and YOU WILL DO IT :)

Good Luck


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Hey Josie

Many cogartulations on your excellent quit. Hopefully one day I will be posting my 3 year quit post, but hey one day at a time eh?

Good luck with your continuing quit! :D

How long?

Hi John,

How long have you been quit for?



Hi John,

How long have you been quit for?


I am just a pup in the scheme of things - quit 09th November 2010 so coming up to 4 months, just starting to feel like an ex-smoker have even had a day or 2 when I don't think of smoking at all!!


have even had a day or 2 when I don't think of smoking at all!!

Hi John,

You are doing great. WELL DONE YOU!!!

I remember when l used to think that l would never get to the 1 year mark, but by taking each day as a fresh battle with Naughty Nic, you do eventually get the upper hand LOL.


Josie XXX

Well done with 3 years quit :cool:

T'is a great milestone, all the best with your 4th year too.

Pol :)


Ta Pol,

You know what the best feeling is? When you have gone out for a drink with friends, and the smokers in the group, have to keep going outside, in the freezing conditions, to have a fag.:)

I seem to remember too, when l was still smoking, in deciding on which restaurant to go to, if l couldn't smoke in there, l would go somewhere that l COULD smoke LOL.:) Now, l'm as free as a bird LOL. I can go wherever l want to go.

Josie XXX


Yes Karri, l did. BUT, being diagnosed with COPD, and not being able to breathe had something to do with it LOL.:eek::eek::eek:

Josie XXX

Josie, Congratulations. It warms the heart to see the success stories and they are especially nice when you are feeling a bit down in dumps over your own quit.

I cannot say it enough times, thank you to you and the rest of the old timers who take the time to hold our hands and walk with us so that we do not get lost.

Congratulations and thanks again Josie


Congrats, Kappar.

3 years plus is a great place to be :)

That's funny hearing about your choices of restaurants.

Here's to year 4 and many more :)



Congratulations i hope youhave treated yourself :)

Ahh Josie thanks for posting that... I love reading about those who have been quit for ages. Like John I dream of being able to post such a thing. Heck, at this point I dream of being able to post in week 2!! (I'm only on Day 2).

HI phoebe,

Stick with it, you have already done 2 days and very soon it will be 1 WEEK :) Every day that passes, is an achievement :D You are doing GREAT! :D If/when you feel like caving in, come back on here, and either post yourself, or read posts until it passes. 'Cos while your minds occupied, you will not be thinking of Naughty Nic :eek:

Josie XXX

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