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3 years today!

Well, I just realised my Sig says quit 8th Feb 2009. That makes it three years today! Am never going to be cool enough to state I don't think of smokes for weeks on end. Having a smoker for a husband means they are always near to mind, but I think in a 'thank god I got out of that hellish life', rather than 'I want/must/need to smoke'. I raise a glass in celebration to my special cjm who quit one year yesterday after a tough battle the previous couple years trying to do it. Take inspiration from that. She fought and won. A special glass to my lovely Davo and a few more to those who.saw me through my quit. By god, it CAN be done! :)

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Wow! Great Job :)


fantastic! good to hear


Inspirational! :)


Congratulations to a lovely, special lady, three fab years.


Jackie xx


Congratulations Fiona,

Three years is amazing. Here's a toast to you and the next three years :D

Gaynor xx


Well done Fi,

It really is worth it:D



Excellent stuff, Fi.

Proud of you and all the things you fight through...always thinking of others. You're a star, girl...hit this inappropriate choon -> :)

Salute to cjm on her revolution of the sun plus one day :cool:


Bloody hell ... in my rush to get here and bang the drum of congrats, I kept entering my password wrong and nearly got excluded for x minuites!!

Terrificous, glourificous, splenditious hurdle jumping of a journey my friend.

Hard fight at times but you keep on keeping on :cool:

Jaffas and Pink Pepper to you :D

Pol xx


Congratulations quit buddy!!! You're awesome, so glad we could share this journey together, super proud of you XOX

CJM! NICE GOING!!! Congrats and hugs and I'm so proud of you, too!!




Just wanted to say a huge congratulations making it to three years smoke free. You and the other senior members of the forum truly are an inspiration to those of us in the early days of their quit. Hope we can get there one day too.

Well done,

Very best



Congrats Fi

So pleased you've joined the 3 year club, :cool:

make yourself one of these



Thats a great post :)


dad is unable to log on Fiona so I am (Katy) typing for him. "i can't get logged on, true you are a very special lady, and, even with your own problems you've been one of my biggest supporter. congratulations from Davo, Hazel, Katy and Hayley" xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Apologies for tardiness Fi.

Always admire those most; who managed to quit whilst attached to a smoker. Proves it can be done, whatever the obstacles. Hard to believe it's true but quitting is possible.



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