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A day 8 introduction

Hi one and all,Im a 42yr old male who has smoked since the age of 11 (idiot).

After numerous failed attempts I have decided to try yet again at beating the dreaded weed,however things seem slightly different this time around as I seem to be soul searching alot more on this attempt.

Searching the net I typed "day 2....." and google finished the rest by adding "no smoking" this lead me to this little gem of a forum,to which I owe quite a few of you a debt of gratitude.

Reading the post of individuals posts and being able to relate to the stages they are going through is the best tonic for a crave I personally have come across.

So day 8 closing for me(3rd week champix) but I just thought I would say 'Hi' and thank the genius behind sharing the experience and also wish all of the 'quits' as comfortable ride as possible.

All the best


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Welcome Foz, well done on deciding to quit, you wont regret it that is for sure. This forum is a life saver no doubt about it so wel done on finding this also:) Keep reading the inspirational posts and you will get strength from them, I know I do.:)


Thanx Haze56

It's not an easy ride however It's funny where you draw strength from,reading other peoples tales and accounts really helps boost moral when it's most needed. :)


Hi there. I recognise myself in what you said about soul searching. I just wanted desperately not to be a smoker more than I wanted a cig in the end, and that helped propel me to a clinic and Champix, along with the fact that I was cough cough coughing like an old man.

This forum is fantastic and has amazing people, absolute diamonds, who offer wonderful support to keep you going, so I am so chuffed for you that you found it. It's a god-send in those odd moments when a crave is a bit more than a fleeting nuisance thought. Good luck:)


Yo Foz

Much soul searching is the key me thinks.

Really hope this is the one for you.

Just in time for Christmas too.... :)

Stay strong and keep us posted




Hey Foz and welcome to the forum, you are very right, reading posts from other quitters and getting support on your journey is invaluable on staying on the right track in my opinion. Glad you found us

Karen x


Hi Foz and welcome to this brill forum :D that is full of wonderful people that understand what your going through and will offer as much support and help as you need

Not many succeed the first time they quit you just have to put them down to experiences and concentrate on this one taking each day as it comes and waking up each morning and saying out loud or to yourself i choose not to smoke today dont think to far ahead and when you start feeling a crave coming on come on hear post and read to help distract your mind till the crave passes which it will

onwards and upwards is the way to go






Welcome Foz. This forum's unbelievable it's true, I'd not have got this far without it. Stick with it and keep posting!


Many thanx to you all for your kind words and reassurance.

Sorry I have been tardy in replying but I was just short of locking myself away in a cupboard when things eased up so feeling much better today.

I finished work on Friday for the Christmas period and have had to hit a fear head on......boredom!!

How to keep oneself busy whilst not having the slightest inkling of how to let go of the pistachios and not have a beer so as not to weaken.

On a plus note my temper isn't so bad (I just stuff my face full of pistachios)

On a mega plus side,my teeth are starting to go whiter at the tips and over the last couple of cleans seem the white tip is now creeping towards my gums however,the stains between each tooth are more visible so a call to the dentist for a scrape and polish is for me a massive reward as i do care for my teeth (something about having them knocked out at an early age and having countless caps,plates and finally a bridge)

Breathing is easier but as yet am still not using full lung capacity but a jog in the new year will rectify that.

Weight??? nothing as yet but who cares eh our Sasha (german shepherd) loves me as I have had countless licks on the fizzogg which she would never do whilst I smoked!!

So onward and upward,and good luck to you all in your quit.

Now where's the pistachios???



Don't weaken! You are doing great. Just tell yourself you are healing. I mean look at the tooth scenario. Wonderful

Haha our German Shepherd,Logan, always has a breath sniff to see if I have been eating anything without him having a morsel. x


Don't weaken! You are doing great. Just tell yourself you are healing. I mean look at the tooth scenario. Wonderful

Haha our German Shepherd,Logan, always has a breath sniff to see if I have been eating anything without him having a morsel. x

Thanx Becky,

You gotta love the old "what have you had that I haven't sniff" lol

Im loving the teeth whitening but what is the awful metal taste? Is it normal? It tastes like I have a rusty brace in my mush :eek:



Hi Foz.

Congratulations on your quit and welcome to the forum :)

You sound so positive in your post and I'm sure this will be the quit that sticks.

Keep reading and posting it really does help.

As for the metal taste in your mouth, I had it too when I first stopped. It didn't last long and I found a good mouthwash after brushing my teeth really helped.

All the best with your quit.

Happy Christmas. :D

Love May x


Just thought I'd give an update on how my quits going and a rather novel way I've found to occupy myself relieving the boredom so to speak ;)

Day 18 and still got 'metal mouth' (I think it's me fillings lol)

Money saved....0,zilch,nadda, yep not a bean!!!

How come?

Well being a massive lover of German shepherds I have been out and rewarded myself with an 8 week old rare 'blue' shepherd pup to give company to my 2 and a half year old GSD Sahsa.

Boredom solved and feel very rewarded and totally committed to completing this final quit as I have loads of fun times ahead with the wife and the pair of mutts :) so I feel ontop of the world at this point in time and seeing the pup helps me as I dont get time to crave or if I do then it doesn't last long as a sharp set of teeth round the ankle normally brings me out of it :)

All the best to you all in your quits and the new year



OMG How absolutely lovely. :):)

My dog Logan is a blue. He was gonna be a stud dog, so was 5 months when we got him. I wish we had had him when he was a very young pup.



Another dog lover, yeyyyyhh:). You must be nice:)

Wishing you all the love and luck in your quit.

Fi x

and Meggie (Beaut Black Lab)


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