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Week 2 (Day 8) whoop whoop!

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Ok so it's 5:40am and I've had no sleep but I'm surprisingly happy and thrilled to be entering week 2.

When I started this quit (my only real attempt, the last being a day about 8 years ago) I don't think my partner or daughter took me seriously. My partner expected me to throw in the towel day 2 and my daughter didn't expect me to start lol. It's not a reflection on them it's me. I've made it abundantly clear to them over the years I would never stop :rolleyes:

And now here I am on week 2 :). I am finding there are lots of physical challenges (insomnia, aches and pains, coughing etc) but I feel so empowered!!! This is my quit and for the first time in 20 years I am not a slave to the cigs :D

Ok speech over, best go work out what to do about this insomnia. Have a great Sunday whatever you are doing :D.

Ps I will NOT smoke today :D

Ps ps I will post the kitten photos when I work out how :p

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Fantastic- well done you!! :) You're going to storm this I can tell.

The insomnia is a bitch. I went through it too. As everyone tells you (ad-nauseum :)) it does pass (mine gradually eased up during the second week and it doesn't happen at all now) but that doesn't make it any easier when you're in the midst of it. I resorted to Nytol and that helped.

Looking forward to those Bengal kitten pics :p

Well done Lindy! your sleep will settle down as will your cough; its all part of the healing.

Your doing so so well :)

Thanks for your support :). Eventually fell asleep just after 6 and woke back up at 10:30. It's something I suppose :)

Hope you all have a good day.

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Woo hoo ur doing brilliantly Lindy well done :) as Kat said online games are a godsend, I too love scrabble and don't even get me started on candy crush :D I could play that for hours it keeps you occupied :) really well done to you xx

Well done, Lindy! A whole week quit is a massive achievement and you should feel very proud of yourself!


Thanks guys, I collapsed for another sleep at 4pm today and didn't wake until 6pm. My body clock is all over the place. I am going to try to force a routine tonight and see how it goes but I find I am best not to stress as that seems to make me worse. I ended up watching a movie on Netflix...The Insider. I am cigarette information obsessed right now, cant seem to read enough.

A few cute Bengal kitten photos taken yesterday :)

Thanks Debbie, I am the mad cat lady :) Everyone knows one right? :D

Great to see you making it to week 2 Lindy :) I found Twinings camomile tea really helped me sleep...

Thanks Isolde. I might give the tea a try actually :D

Good plan Kat....I've just done a bottle and now I'm watching the snooker so should be feeling noddy shortly....... (makes a change from big ears :eek:)


Love the Bengal Babies! :p:p

Hope you slept a little better last night :)

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