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Day 8 and feeling GREAT!!



I've made it to the second week on the list - that's amazing!! Can't believe I did - nor does my hubby actually but I told him it was all you guys. So he said WHEN we get together he'll cook you all a meal as a thankyou. Ahhhhhh!! But it doesn't let him off the hook for not even knowing how long I'd stopped for. Three days he said - plus five matey!!

Apart from a box of Rice Crispies all over the floor this morning, and a few whaps at Tescos, the poppy household is relatively peaceful. Hoorah.

I will look forward to seeing those who can make the quiz tonight. But thanks to you ALL for being so totally scrummy and fab and helping me get through the last 8 days.


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Well Done Poppy

I hope the week2 room smells sweet,

is clean and has a good enough view for you :D


~Buffy x x

Oh Thanks Buffy the flowers look lovely in my week 2 room and I can even smell them!!!

Talking of which for the last 7 years I really lost my sense of smell as couldn't smell the garlic and cooking smells on Hubster but now - in that shower and scrub those teeth immediately!! Oh yes he thought I had a smelly problem!! Huh!!

Hee Hee


Big well done Poppyfairy, u r doing so well!!!:D :D :D

Thanks so much Chocco Bunny

It's you guys that make it happen

So well done you - cos you have to take some credit

Hugs and Hugs


~~ My Computer is running really slow!! I can't even play my games on :eek: ~~ Going to run a few scans and reboot x x x

Back in a while x x ~Buffy x x

That's like mine - it keeps going down like freezes. I do this thing now where I left click on the computer in the bottom right hand corner and then right click to repair - that seems to rectify the prob for the while.

Maybe the computers can't cope with all our yacking!!! Probably a man computer which is why it's only working when it chooses to!!!


Lol :D

Still bloody scanning :p my laptop is slowly dieing am sure of it!!

Poor wee thing has been used as a family computer for the last 3 years!!

And this family is online 24/7 near enough lol!


Keep up the excellent job you are doing!

Well done poppy Day 8 is great isn't it? Day 9 is even better!

No flowers, sorry but you could put this on the wall in the week 2 room! it made me smile, hope it does you..



:D that'll hang nicely on the east wall

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