No Smoking Day
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Well, that's day 7 out the way!

Hullo fellow fresh air breathers!

Well, that's me through week one. I can hardly believe I've managed a whole week without smoking since I first took up the habit as a daft 15 year old back in 1989! I've rather taken myself (and, by her own admission my OH) by surprise he he.

I'm still battling cravings and keeping my blessed inhalator on me at all times but if I ever think the going's tough, I remind myself of how much easier it is than it was this time last week. I think it can be easy for all of us to forget just how well we do to get through every day. All big victories, whether they be Day One or year 20.

So tomorrow, I shall be moving over to the uncharted territory of ... the Week Two folder - wooo! It feels like changing schools! :D

I can't thank all of the people on this forum enough for their support over this last week. Between you lot and my much loved and supportive girlfriend I've managed to do something that I always feared I'd never have the strength to achieve.

So - bring on Week Two and good luck to us all!

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Well done

so just as i reach 4-7 u leave:rolleyes:

A big hug from me, and hope u keep inspiring us with your wise words (ok thats a bit creepy) just hope i can join u in 2 and a half days.

keep the faith.

tell your OH she is a star and u are a v lucky guy.

Well done again :D:D:D


He he I'm sure you'll catch me up! Thanks as ever for the congrats etc - mutual support is the way forward.

I'll be rooting for you all the way and I'll do my best to keep helping. If I can help people here half as much as they've helped me I'll be chuffed :)

I'll keep reading the earlier day folders just in case I can add anything useful (hark at the wise old Week Two-er haha)


Hi Writerchris :D

Great job and entering week 2 already going to sneak you a hug while your GF's not looking :D don't want to lose my eyes

Remember it just keeps on getting better every day


Marg xxxxxxxx


Hi Writerchris

Well done's a great feeling to get to week 2. I know what you mean about feeling that you would never be able to quit. But look where you are........when/if you get the feeling of just having one don't make the mistake I did...........I've maybe slid down the snake but i'm climbing up the ladder again.

Watch out for these peskie snakes :eek:

Keep up the good work :)

Carol (CTC)



Well done mate, and welcome to week 2!!! :D


Well done WriterChris

Come on and join us in the Week 2 folder! Well done you.:D


I'm right there with you writerchris - It's fantastic to make it this far eh? I never thought I would.

Here's to making it it the rest of the week too!

(can't type anything else as being houndd by my lil girl)

Love and Light everyone ~xXx~


Cheers Week 2 Posse! Long may our numbers swell with successful Week One-ers!



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