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No Smoking Day
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Way Hey, Got to day 2!!

Well i've made it to the 2nd day without a cig. I quit 4 days ago but in the 1st 2 days I had 4 cigs. I woke up yesterday morning strong willed, and I've stuck to it. So thank you all the people that have replied to my desperate posts!! It has really helped. Got Smoking clinic tomorrow. My 1st reading was on 35 so I'm hoping it's gone down quite a bit. My jaw's aching a bit now tho with chewing gum but hey I can live with that! :D

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Well done Debs

Two days is great get the first week under your belt and things get much easyer. hope your readings really low give you a big boost. xxxx



The posts on here have really helped me. It shows that i'm not the only one going thro this (although it does feel like it some times). Just gonna get past day 3 now. Remember Debs, 1 DAY AT A TIME :rolleyes:


WELL DONE YOU! It does get easier you know, not that that is very much comfort to you at the moment.:( But the upside is , when you wake up in the morning, instead of thinking " i'll have a cigarette", you'll think, "whooee, l didn't have a cigarette yesterday"! :D Let me tell you, that is a VERY GOOD feeling. Debs, you CAN AND YOU WILL succeed. We will all ensure that you DO SUCCEED. Keep coming back on here for support. :):)

Love Josie xxx


Way to go debs you are doing great

onwards and upwards



Well done you!:D

I`m looking forward to getting my reading tomorrow too. I`m sure once you see how far it`s gone down you`ll be very pleased with yourself, and so you should be!


well done honey - keep at it. you are doing great. :) love est x x x :)


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