It was hard, but yet also one of the best days of my quit:-))

Technically I guess I should be posting in Month 2, but didn't seem right, as I'm only just over a month - I'm approx. at 1 month 21 hours and 15minutes and 28secs:)

Every month I always take my 84 year old mom to the casino for a day of gambling. She really can't do much these days, and always looks forward to this day. So my anxiety was stemming from all the smoking that goes on there:eek: Where I live, smoking is banned in just about all public places, be it indoor or outdoor:) However casinos here are run by Native American Indians and Tribal land is not subject to California's restrictions - so lots of smoking:confused:

I knew it was going to be a huge trigger day, but for my moms sake, I knew I had to put my big girl panties on and just do it:o Yep It was full of OMG " I want that" triggers!! but I kept my blinders on and moved around a lot, whenever a smoker got close –

I moved away. I drank about 4 bottles of water, had 3 coffees, finished up the candy in my purse, repeated over and over NOPE and went outside to smell the flowers – and even though exhausted, I ended up leaving without smoking or wetting myself:rolleyes: Best feeling EVER!!!! :D:D

Weird though, as I write this - some of that stupid want, is trying to come back:eek: but you know - I think I can wash that sucker down with a beer and just call it an early night !!! I'm so not willing to push my luck any further today ;) Happy Thursday all...

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  • Happy Thursday Que! You've done a marvellous job at getting through a day like that.

  • Que xxx :) Love your post, and SO proud of you!!

  • Well done for beating the casino smokers paradise. It's funny, when I've been in such an environment, even as a smoker, I turn against the smoking, hate it, the smell the atmosphere, even with the air-con.

  • Yep - Come to think of it, I'm with you there!! In that kind of environment some smokers are just plain rude!! They have like 3 cigarettes hanging out of their mouths at once and then look at you - like your the weirdo because, your frowning at them as they are blowing smoke into our face:-) go figure :-)

  • ...................but daunting being in that environment anyway. Congratulations on passing that test. Fine achievement. Shame that as a non-smoker you probably did come out with the stale smoke aroma following you! ..........onward.

  • you bet I did - oooh went straight to my lavender soap and took a huge whiff and then wiped in all over my clothes. Can't believe I used to smell like them:-) yep onward my friend!!

  • That's funny :0)

  • Que

    I am so proud of you its so difficult but we are taking it in our stride ( yeh go no smoking day ) well done x

  • Wow Que, that's great! You're a star, a hero and an inspiration :) xx

  • Ah Thank you so much, you are all so kind is weird - not like me to be so wordy as I have been lately!! and although I do love to play around and love a good laugh, I'm actually quite a shy person and really don't talk much sure if that was an apology or a statement:confused: but then again maybe it really doesn't matter. Happy Friday everyone- whoop whoop!!!

  • Que you really make me laugh :D Happy Friday to you too x

  • Well done you Que, another trigger conquered, indeed that's fantastic, doing brilliant .

    Those stats are building nicely, rant they?

  • Que, it's funny in Casino land, sometimes I feel there is so much smoke it turns you off even as a smoker. I was on day 6 of my quit in May and went to spend 6 days in Las Vegas, that was a tough place to visit so early in but it was planned. The Casino's, pools, bars and many other places still let you smoke at will so with less restrictions I found the temptation at every turn. I'm glad you were able to fight off the desire to light up and I'm sure your mom was as well. Good job.

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