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im still here :)


well after yesterday ( that was so close )

But thanks to everyone on here and shear will power I made it :D and to be fair I'm well proud of myself:rolleyes:

I really thought that was it though all that hard work almost done there and then for a moment of weakness,

Can I ask though my mouth is so sore has been for couple of weeks feels like it did when I smoked, and I'm so thirsty any ideas :confused:

Thanks for all your support quite frankly I don't think I'd be here with out it ( or Greg it could be the wrath of Cymro lol )

But thank you everyone and yes im still a non smoker

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Well done Sian

I am so proud of you! :D

That sounded like a really tough day yesterday and we all know what they feel like!!

But you got through it and will be so much stronger for it :cool:

Excuse me if I'm being a bit sharp here but you said that sometimes you have to hold the cigarette of your client so they can smoke it .... well to be honest I would tell them where to stick it!!

I mean that isn't in your job description is it surely?!?

That can't be a healthy choice of care can it?

Maybe I'm being selfish but I'm more bothered about you than them! :mad: Just a thought!

Anyway, well done for getting through it, yes I think it was the wrath of Cymro that put you off! :D

Hope you have a better day today chuck

Take care



nonico7 Years Smoke Free

Well done!!

Well done Sian 583 it's fantastic that you didn't succumb to the temptation to smoke.

As for the sore mouth??? Maybe it's simply a result of your gums and teeth getting a better blood supply now that they're not coated with smoke and tar and soreness will occur until the've undergone some healing. Cure for a sore mouth / throat? All I have ever tried is to gargle with warm salty water followed by drinking water.

Hi Sian

so good to see you sounding so positive again :D

your sore mouth will heal in time as Nonico said its just your mouth healing you could try getting some sensitive toothpaste and just rubbing some onto your gums for afew mins that works for me

and the thirst again could be one of the side effects there are so many but everyone has different ones

hope you have a good day today :)



massive well done for getting through yesterday, what a sucess story!!

I had a sore mouth too at the start, agree with Nonico, salt and warm water!

The thirst I have not heard of, but there are so many bloddy side effects form stopping smoking......

Take Care


Blinking Nora!

Blinking Nora Sian, you had me worried yesterday! The situation with your client sounded unbearable and, with the prospect of you having to endure it for several more be honest I thought after your postings went quiet that perhaps you had succumbed................ I'm so pleased you didn't!!! :D

What is the situation with this client? Do you have to go on seeing them? Since you are at work when you are with them, does their smoking constitute a breach of the law regarding smoking being prohibited in workplaces? Like Nifty, I feel aggrieved that you being subjected to this vile situation by your client. :mad:

Anyhow, getting through yesterday without smoking was an extraordinary achievement, very very well done. :D:D:

I have an abcess and have totally destroyed my mouth due to smoking. Am about to get my 3rd tooth removed due to smoking and will have a fourth before I finish. Salt water is great for clearing infections as is a good scale and polish from the dentist, along with a really good mouthwash.

I knew you'd do it Sian! Well done.

I bet you felt flipping fantastic when you woke up this morning didn't you :D


I am so proud of you too, I had a feeling about you that you would do well.

Well done:)

Fi x

all i can say is thank you so much

I doubted myself so much and because of all your support I'm still here today so thank you so much.

I couldn't smoke as my kids would have been disappointed and so would everybody on here sometimes I think finding this website was fate :rolleyes:

But because of everyone on this forum I have got as far as I have, and I owe you big time :DSO A VERY BIG THANKYOU

well done

Well done Sian for getting over a big hurdle! These things are sent to try us an you passed the test. I t does help that you dont want to dissapoint the kids or you forum friends but it is still down to you so good for you!:)

Hey Sian, well done you're doing amazing, having support does mean so much doesn't it?

Hi Sian

I haven't seen you around in a while (and you used to be hooked on this forum! :) )

I hope you are still OK

Please let us all know how you are getting on when you can.



Well done Sian on getting through. My mums care worker used to light her cigarettes for her towards the end and she didnt smoke. I can understand why it is difficult for you so early in your quit but you are clearly someone who cares about others. So much so you put their needs before your own. I'm not saying its right or fair for you but people like you make a real difference to people lives, especially when their quality of life is so sad.

You did so well yesterday x x

Thanks Karri being a care assistant does put me into some circumstances that yes are tough especially early in my quit, but I care deeply for my clients and couldn't leave them because they smoke, even though it's very tough like Wednesday.. but I'm figuring that if I'm in situations like that and can beat the cravings then my quit will become stronger:D

Thank you for everybody's support

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