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Well into month 6 - Still here

ByeByeFags10 Years Smoke Free

Not posted for a long time but would just like to say thank you to everyone for all the support you gave me during my tough time end of march, im still here and most importantly SMOKE FREE FOR HALF A YEAR!!


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well done on your 6 + months smoke free


Marg xxxxxxxxxx

Big Hugs and bloody well done. half way to the penthouse good for you.xxxxx

Hello Bye bye

Good to hear from you and even more so because you are still a Feb Fab Quitter.

There are still quite a few of us DFSers around - coz we iz gud!!! ;););)

Great job, BBF! Glad our group is doing so well! Take care of yourself!


SIX MONTHS... half a year.. wow... 6 months is really good, and still going strong too, well pleased for you!

thanks for checking in and giving us a boost :)

Congrats on reaching 6 months :)

Half way to the penthouse!

Well done - that's fab!

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done on the half year.


Missed it!

Am most proud of you, you had such a tough time and still you are here, keep logging on occasionally, I agree its lovely to see so many dfsers still at it! I have just completed my first ever holiday abroad without smoking. Felt pretty good - most of the time!!

Hi Fiona :D

Good to see you back on here again

Well done you 6 months+ completed Huge Hug for you

Also well done on the non smoking holiday and glad to hear you enjoyed yourself


Marg xxxxxxxx

its lovely to see so many dfsers still at it!

Be nice to see how many of us are left.

Felt pretty good - most of the time!!

Good for you Fi lol. David

Thanks guys! Gets harder and harder to keep up with the comings and goings on here, good and bad, but this forum is still a top of the tree fresh green apple in my eyes. My only saddness is to come back and find Trendy gone. Keep up the good work surrogate mother, can't be long before you reach the penthouse now! xxx

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