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I can hardly believe im here!!!


Oh my days!!! In 45 mins I will 6 whole months smoke free!! Back on NYE I don't think I honestly expected to ever be saying this!! I am so so happy 😃

My diet hasn't gone so well this past 3 months but I've found my mojo again and am currently at 31lb loss since NYE!

I hate to admit I do still crave fags (sometimes a lot) but I have no intention of ever going back - My skin looks so much better, I feel so much better, my bank balance is so much better!!!

Thank you all for everything you've done - You've got me through some real sticky spots :) Cant wait to join that penthouse with my fellow quitters 😘 And to those who have fallen - You have done incredible and its always better to keep trying if you fall rather than just quitting - We CAN do this 😘 xxx

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YAY WIN!!! :D :D

I was hoping you would have posted when I logged on today and here you are! Another member of the gang in the Penthouse Waiting-room. Fantastic!

Well done dear Win- to have taken on not only the nic battle but the flab battle :) simultaneously is mighty and your achievement on both counts deserves to be illuminated like Blackpool as far as I am concened. ;)

Now- pull up a bar stool and before you get back on your diet let me buy you a drink or three....:)

Brilliant stuff Win!

Well done. It feels great, doesn't it?

Best wishes,


:DFab, fab, fab! You have done the hardest part, it is time to enjoy the steady, downhill stroll to the penhouse ;) Well done Winbig :D pic4ever.com/images/greenst...

WOW, what a great post, and as the nights start to draw in, I am sure the twinkle of the penthouse will be looking for you.



Really pleased for you Winbig :D

Half way there,we all know it's not been easy but to get to 6 mths is awesome

Well done you.....and all the other half way quitters


Very well done on 6 months and the weight loss :)

Thanks all :) We are doing fab arent we xxx Im hoping the next 6 months are easier than the first - I wouldnt say overall its been hard to quit, just certain days and times :) Much love xxx

Nice to see you posting Kat, it's been very quiet without you :p:p

Massive congratulations from me too Win, 6 months is fantastic well done xx

Thank you all, im super chuffed :) Feel luke ive cracked it now, if I can do 6 months I can do the rest - Even when ive craved I know im not going to have one, Day 1 is too far away to go back now xxx

Lovely to hear from you Kat, you pulled me through so e really tough times at the start, I wouldnt be here now if it wasnt for you xxx

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