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Day 1 - for the last time


Hi folks,

Nice to see so many MMQs still doing well. I've been smoking for the past couple of weeks, and decided to do it properly this time round; I went see a stop smoking councellor at my local hospital, and I had my monoxide levels checked, and got some free patches (which I found out - by reading my past notes on quits - was the most effective method of quitting for me; I quit for 1 1/2 years that way).

Sorry for disappearing off the face of the earth, but I'm back now, in control of my life :). My incentives have slightly changed now, as I am becoming very interested in Buddhism and mindfulness. One of the key precepts of Buddhism is avoiding intoxicants. I already have the no alcohol thing sorted, now it's just onto the evil weed.

Well it's 2.45pm here, and I feel quite positive. I'm gonna do some meditation in a bit. Oh and I will be seeing my ladyfriend again soon, which is another incentive (I've put that off, due to smoking).

This is the last time I'm quitting, I've had enough.

Cheers folks,

Love P. x

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Hello! Good to see you back here! I used the carbon blowy thing for the first 6 weeks of my quit at my local chemist and it did help seeing the indicator drop. Plus my chemist is my daughters brownie pack leader which was a bit scary! Good luck on this quit.

Great to see you back you sound like you have it sorted in your head this time round. Keep posting :)

Hi Paul :D

It's really good to see you back here again, having got yourself sorted

All the best for your quit


Marg xxxxxxx

good to see you back and so determined. You can make this quit the one that sticks.

All the best, post often and read lots :D

Whoooo Hoooo

:) Hey Raddleman, my MMQ crew QUIT BUDDY.............I'm so pleased to see you back here. I knew you were a determined quitter.;) Just getting your head round everything and deciding on a date to quit is a big deal. We are still all here for you and you are very WELCOME HOME. Love J. x x x:cool:

good luck dude-it can be done-:)

happy meditatin!

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

This is the last time I'm quitting, I've had enough.

Hold that thought for the times when you find desire creeps up on you! It is a good mantra to repeat to yourself. (perhaps add something like "I will never smoke again" to the end)

Anyway, how was the last first day, yesterday?



Deke9 Years Smoke Free

Hi Paul,

Really good to see you back here.:D Hope yesterday went well for you. keep strong.


Hey P,

Welcome back!

Stay strong, you know you have us here for support!

Lottie -x-

you hang in there paul,,its not as bad as you think,trust in the fourm we have all been were you are now,,just keep the faith and keep :D:D:D tony

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