No Smoking Day

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I've done it. I've done it. I've done it.

Lucky for me I managed to escape from the Devil Nicotine in time...,my physical withdrawal symptoms are gone, my psychological withdrawal symptoms are nothing to be alarmed about (I crave for 13 seconds and that's it).

I did have a major crave fest in the morning though...but that was and can be managed.

Anyway, how are you guys doing with your quit?

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So great to hear you're doing well. Just watch out for that addiction-monster, he might try to take advantage of how well you're doing by telling you one smoke won't hurt ;)

Also start preparing for day 7, which can be a killer if you're not carefull, if you used smoking as a way of rewarding yourself, expect some heavy cravings once you reach the 1 week marker.

I'm doing "ok".

I haven't smoked, and I haven't been close to doing it, but day 5 has been a bit harder than I expected. I think partially due to the fact that I got out of bed really early, and usually I need a smoke to get out of bed. So I started the day with pretty bad cravings for around 2.5 hours.

I then went shopping, purchased a ton of fresh fruit and cookies (I find that both help :D). I've had a few really bad cravings since, but most of my cravings aren't so intense anymore, but I'm a bit fed up and irritated, I feel like I have this constant pressure inside.


Well on the bright side I do feel like I have a lot more energy, and physically I'm feeling great. My tastebuds have improved drastically, I feel like I'm tasting many things for the first time (I noticed I don't like my favorite brand of soda so much after all).

I think I'm gonna keep myself occupied with movies for the rest of the afternoon and then go for a run when it isn't so hot outside.

Keep me posted on your progress :)

That's fantastic Teegee! Deserves a big pat on the back!

My quit is going well thankies :) Actually enjoying it more and more as I do a little more. What I mean is things like doesn't knacker me out as much any more :)

Glad to see that you're getting through it!! I am on day 13 at the moment. I have found that the 2nd week is a lot better than the 1st so things are going to get better for you!!

Well done Teegee, sounds like your doing brill, day 5 over, and onto day 6:)

Great Teegee... Keep Going!!

That's great, and I'm really happy for you, BUT, at day 5, I would be careful about saying "I've done it".

You're off to a good start, but this is a lifelong battle. Although every day gets easier and easier. I'm on day 179 and I don't think I've "done it". YET

Maybe when I hit a year I'll say it out loud.

Anyway, congrats, but don't ever get complacent, and don't EVER EVER take another puff. (been down that road before) :)

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