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Why I am quitting!

So I recently decided I was going to try and stop smoking.

I have always said I would but kept making excuses why I never got round to it.

I started smoking around age 13 and I am now 18.

My boyfriend has never liked me smoking but recently got really upset because he smells of smoke all the time because he spends so much time around me whilst I am smoking. Also his parents were upset because they said I wasn't just putting my health at risk it was also effecting his and they have started to notice that he coughs a lot and his breathing is deeper. So after he seriously talked to me about it I decided to suck it up and give it a go.

I also need to stop because we are buying a house and I was spending £6.40 on smoking every day, which would make a huge difference to our financial circumstances if I was to continue smoking and also move out.

So far its been 2 days without a cigarette, im using patches and gum.

Just felt if I joined it might help to know that other people understand that its hard as my boyfriend doesn't smoke and doesn't understand the withdrawal symptoms are actually extreme at times.

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Hi Kerry and a very warm welcome to you.

You have found a very inspiring place to help with your quit. Everyone on this forum will have something to offer you by way of advice and experience. I have been quit for 38 days now (i think) and I wouldnt have gotten off the ground had it not been for some of the amazingly supportive people on here.

Sure some people find it hard but other dont- me included. You are making a very good decision and i only wish i had your sense when i was 18. Good for you and never doubt your decision, its the best one you can ever make.

all the best and keep talking.

x :)


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