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No Smoking Day
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day 13... deep breath's needed!!

So I got through my first huge obstacle (huge booze up) last weekend... But today I am faced with the 2 biggest!


6 year olds birthday party!!!!

Any tips? I will need some epic resolve today let me tell you!

I'm thinking valium at this point!

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That's simple - follow these steps and you will fly it :D

Kids - give them all huge gob stoppers and confine them to a room upstairs

In-laws - lock the doors, hide and dont let them in then sit in peace on the sofa with a beer :D

Mmmmm ok maybe not lol - take a few deep breaths after all you can now inhale better, believe it or not the best way to deal with it is to join in, a bunch of 6 yrs olds dont sound half as loud when you play games too..plus the in-laws will leave you alone as to not take you away from the kids :D

you will be fine and well done for day 13 woohoooo


Lol, I like plan a haha.

We have hired a big indoor play for him and he's invited half the school so I suppose I will have plenty to keep me busy.. Top plan though as I can quite easily become 6 for the day :)

Well done you too, 13 days also :D


Indoor play...ball pits, bouncy things, slides and climbers ?? .. perfect!!!!

If you are allowed have a go on the bouncy things...at a mates party they hired a bouncy castle for the kids that the adults took over from 11pm onwards and OMG talk about knackering lol

Have fun being 6 again :D


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