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Day 13 - feel slightly breathless and a bit achey when I breathe in...

nsd_user663_4781 profile image anybody or has anybody suffered with these symptoms? I've just had a bad chest, before I stopped - which is what prompted me to stop (that and all the cash I was wasting) and it's taken a couple of weeks to shift...

The phlegm I'm coughing up is browney/dark green - can't be sure if it's my lungs starting to clear/infection etc..

And the whites of my eyes have went a touch yellow-ee and blood shot... perhaps the toxins leaving my body? I also feel a bit achey in the middle of my back when I'm breathing in - but perhaps could be due to all the muscles strained from coughing solidly for the past 2 weeks...

I'm going to go to the doctors, I'm starting to suffer with anxiety that it may be something more sinister... I'm a 26 year old who has smoked for about 14 years, though 11/12 years properly - fluctuating between 5- 30 a day throughout the years, though more of a 10-a-day girl before I quit...


My grandad passed away from lung cancer (amongst cancer in other areas) in February this year and it's playing on my mind...

My stop smoking attempt is also in aid of Cancer Research - of which I also shaved my hair off on November 1st... I've raised £390 of a £500 target so far.. I had said I was going to stop on October 1st, but failed miserably, though I didn't tell anyone I hadn't stuck to my end of the deal - no point in disappointing people, especially now I have actually quit, right?

If anybody happened to want to donate some of their hard-earned saved up cash from quitting, I have a Just Giving fundraising page - of which I can give the link if anybody is interested - if not, no worries. Christmas is nearly here after all..

So can anybody ease my mind at all? Hmph...

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Sounds like a possible infection and a trip to the docs for you. I hope you have made an appointment.

I know from my own troubles with breathing that I can get a back ache too so chances are it is a muscle thing where you've pulled it coughing so much, but again a doc is best to diagnose. For me I'm not sure it's from coughing but more from 'holding myself funny' in an attempt to breath if you know what I mean.

Keep on with the quit, it sounds like smoking is the last thing you need (it's the last thing anybody actually needs, right?).

Good luck :)

Hi Emma, I dont want to worry you but I would say you have a bit of a chest infection, nothing that quitting want shift but see how you go and dont smoke or it will get worse, having stopped smoking now you should now try your best to make this your final quit, cause if you are this bad at your age imagine what you could be heading for in a few years time.

I have seen you on a few times and it would be really good to see you on more often and being able to say in a months time Im still quit.

Well done for having the courage to start again.

Hi emma

I also suffer with chest problems the advice on here that the others have gave you is very good. If the pain becomes very bad upon breathing in I would make an app at the drs just to be on the safe side. Probably nothing to worry about. I had pneumonia and various lung infections and its better to go docs and get an antibiotic. Certainly sounds like an infection to me.

I am in no way medically trained its just from personal experience I speak. Its really good that you have quit. Its nearly day 32 for me.

I also lost a family member to lung cancer. (((((hugs)))))

Your doing really brilliantly.

Jojo x

Hi Emma - sounds like a trip to the doc would be a good idea. I had something the same just before I quit and didn't go - suffered for an extra two weeks just because I thought it was just the fags. That is what finally made me quit, I was used to being ill because I smoked. How stupid is that!!!!!!!! I am 17 days smokefree and not croaking in the mornings anymore, no coughing and better skin already.

See the doc and hang in there Emma:):):)

Hi Emma,

I've had exactly the same; really bad cough and sharp pain in my back and stomach. Went to the docs and i've just had a prolonged chest infection (was why i was in the drs in the first place when i stumbled across the stop smoking clinic and decided to go for it!). Obv this is just me but definitely worth going back, just for peace of mind if nothing else. They didn't give me anything, just told me to stay warm, plenty of fluids etc etc. It finally shifting and the difference in my beathing now is amazing - well worth sticking the quit out.

I'm the same age as you (well, 27) and smoked for 16 years - like jamangie says just imagine if we'd have carried on puffing away, what we could be like in 5, 10 years time - i for one don't want to be that 35 year old wheezing and coughing up their lungs and sounding like a 90 year old, all because of something we're doing to ourselves :(

All the best for your quit - stick at it. You've done over 2 weeks now which is mega :)


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