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Deep Breath and Calmed down

Right. First of all a big thank you to everyone who replied and to those that messaged me, your support has meant a lot.

I was really angry with myself and needed to know if it was a blip or a relapse. Well it WAS a blip, I havent had another one, or even a puff. However in fairness to everyone else who havent even taken that one puff I am going to reset my counter on the forum.

I wont however be going back to day 1, instead I will sit in month 3 until 12th March. I dont believe there is anything I could write further down that would be of any help as Im not suffering any worse withdrawal than I was prior to that one smoke.

Im leaving my personal quit app alone as I have still saved £586.24 as I bummed the cig,Ive not smoked 2087 cigs instead of 2088 and if we knock off 5 mins for that 1 cig Ive saved 7 days 5 hours and 57 mins instead of 7 days 5 hours and 58 mins.

So there we have it.

I have known people who claim to be non smokers but have an occasional social smoke and no one argues that they are a smoker. Ive had one in nearly 3 months and after being a smoker for 37 years, working my way up to 30 a day Im not going to ruin my quit by being too hard on myself.

Anyhoo, once again a huge thank you for all your support and I promise not to throw anymore toys out of my pram.

Lillie xoxoxoxox

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Welcome back lillie star :)

I'd say move to month 4 on 7th Jan as it was only an ickle blip:D


I am really glad you're back Lillie....

You have just shown us all how to come back from a blip even stronger and more detirmined than before!

The thing is though - blips or no blips, you gave up in October - therefore you're part of the October group - and you have to move to month 4 with us! And that's all there is to it ;)


That's the spirit Lillie :D There is no way you can lose everything you have gained since 6th October just from one cig. It's when you try my trick that everything goes pear-shaped :rolleyes: and even I came back. They can't keep us good ones down can they :D

Zoe xxxx


Hey lillie

Welcome back! Its tough to stay away from here!! I didnt even last a day...LMAO




Delighted to see that youv'e settled and that your quit is intact. I have no interest in the stats of blip vs restart etc. it is not important BUT do not allow yourself to think that you can do that again .... DO NOT think that you can become a social smoker ... or other thoughts like that (social smokers are a rare breed ).

I'm only saying this to you cos I lost a quit years back with 1 in the pub ..stopped again and then convinced myself that I could be a social smoker.. SHIT I nearly became an alcoholic as well .... I wanted to go to the pub every night ...AND... dam well did most nights. That was a bad period of my life --------- DO NOT GO THERE. :o :) :)


Glad to see you're still here............ one cig have done so well....stay with the October quitters cuz that's where you belong.... :)

Us Novembers are propping up your rear so to speak :rolleyes:



Lol @ michelle, and thank you everyone else.

Ive decided that in the spirit of keeping the peace ;) I'll move up on the 7th January as penance for my one cig.

I dont know how I would manage with this if it wasnt for all of you.

So I got the flat and move in tomorrow. I wont be online until virgin has been installed (virgin, now thats something that hasnt been associated with me for a long time:rolleyes: ). They have promised it will be in before Christmas so not too long I hope. Ive got a busy few days trying to get some stuff in the flat so Im not sleeping on the floor or cooking over some firewood in the garden.

What I have learned from all of the last few days is that when one door closes another one opens. I am still so angry at myself that I doubt I will *blip* again, smokers outside the town centre really pee me off because of the smell, and I now have a nice new home so maybe a love life again lol.

I wish they did devil smiles on here.

Lillie xxxx

Edited to add: Im sitting here getting all emotional. I rely on *cyber* people to support me with my quit, I have told you more in the last few days than I have ever admitted to anyone I know in real life and the support you give to people that you *dont* know is just incredible. If one person I knew in real life had the makings of even a half of one of you I would be blessed.


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