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No Smoking Day
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Sleep.. is it overrated?

I haven't been the best sleeper for years but the 4am wake ups and crazy dreams seem to be getting consistent. Anyone else having this problem? Any tips?

Don't get me wrong, I can handle this easily when comparing it against the alternative of sleeping soundly but having to stick a disgusting coffin nail in my mouth when I do wake up.

Anyway.. Bring on day 9 :) good luck all!

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I am finding I am less tired and waking up earlier and easier, but nowhere near as bad as you are.

My husband had a few months of not sleeping a while back, and he was told by the doc to drink ovaltine, avoid all caffine all day, eat more potatoes, and do more exercise but in the AM not eve???

All a bit odd, and I think he finally got through it naturally, but they may be worth a try???

Sorry I can't help more... I hope you find a solution soon!


Hideous dreams and sleep patterns..had 2 good nights sleep.... 1 was due to Wine tho :rolleyes: wa\s awake at 3.45am this morning... NOT happy!!! Had a horrible stressful day yesterday to the brink of cracking... but I cracked IT..

Dreams of dropping lit cigarettes in my bed and actually waking up looking for it (I never smoked indoors) Big Black bears in my garden, moving into a grotty house that I renovated ...(would be nice lol)

So I tel myself sleep IS overrated...turn it into a positive ... you now have extra yrs on your life to catch up on it :D it will pass... (Ive read down the other boards on here lol)

hang in there...you doing great


I'm sleeping a lot better than I was last week.

It's generally about 3am I wake up, but a trip to the loo and a drink I'm back asleep again til 7ish.

I haven't had any unusual dreams yet, hopefully I miss that particular one.


I am right there with you on the sleep. I haven't slept well since I stopped. Its getting better now tho. It's much like everything else - it is different for different people. The extra energy you will start to get will compensate a bit. You are right that it is better than the alternative.


Sound advice as always everyone. I have GOT to be up at 4am yesterday for a meeting in Kent at 9am so tonights bound to be the night when i will sleep past 4.

I''ll start on the horlicks and potato fueled dog walks tommorow and see how that goes (or could that just be some crazy dream) :-) Really want to avoid the Nytol as i think it gives you a headache so deffo going to try the natural route!


hi there, generally i am sleeping well but about once a week i will have an eyes wide staring at the ceiling session which will last all night. its just a chemical change happening i reckon. I tell you what though, when i am staring at the celing i get a lot of thinking done which is pretty sweet. i can solve all of the probles in the world in the dead of night.

good luck and sweet dreams! :)


Loss of sleep is the only real side effect I have had from quitting. The past two nights, I have gone out and walked two miles briskly with the dog just before bedtime. Come home, long shower, and straight into bed. It's certainly helped a lot. I am generally dozing off within half an hour instead of lying awake until 2-3 am as before. Also finding that although I'm still waking in the night, I am able to doze off again easily.

Also at 300 calories a pop (according to Runkeeper), it's helping in other areas as well. :D


In the early stages of a quit sleep patterns are disrupted and some people have vivid dreams but after a while things settle back to normal.

In the long run though I've had a marked improvement in my sleep and other things.

Its odd but I feel much less stressed than I did as a smoker. The endless cycle of building nicotine levels, having them drop, wanting a fag to relieve the need for nicotine clearly caused me a shed load of stress. The odd thing was that I though at the time that smoking was relieving my stress but now I can see it was causing a significant amount of it.

Anyway I think the better sleep is because I'm a more relaxed person now, although I don't get as much sleep as I should, I'm asleep within 10 minutes of going to bed and don't wake up again until the alarm goes off.



I can relate to the insomnia, I too had difficulty sleeping the first few weeks of my quit, very restless and very busy in my dreams! I know we,re all different, but I can say my sleep pattern did improve and is now back to normal, so fingers crossed yours will too.

Sweet dreams,

Fi x


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