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Interupted Sleep


Just stepping into week 2 - Day 8 today.

I am using an inhalator and doing well on it.

However, I am getting alot of broken sleep. I rarely wake in the night but the last 3 nights I have been waking every 50-60 minutes. I dont need a cigarette, I am not having a craving, I am literally waking up, looking at the clock and then going back to sleep. Arghhhhh.

I also find I am having to open the windows and feeling quite warm even if the heating is on low and everyone else is complaining its too cold.

Is this normal?

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Thank you BB.

I even went back and corrected my spelling in the title when I saw it was you!

Well done on the 4+ months. I am hoping my sleeping will settle because I may be smoke free and husband free if it doesnt improve! He has now spent 3rd night on the sofa!

Hi nogarD

Sleep disruption is very common I'm afraid though mine seems to have mostly settled down now except for the odd night here and there I'm on 31/2 months so think it must vary like most other things about quitting I also found that some times I was very hot indeed

I used Kalms for a few nights in the end to get me back into my sleep pattern either them or Nytol should do the same thing both are herbal, non addictive and can be bought over the counter they worked for me anyway



Hiya nogarD.

I started my second week today Monday, I had my last one last Monday 23 Feb, 0720, I had disturbed sleep the first couple of nights but it seems to be settling down a bit now. Using patches and having some strange dreams, also using an inhalator now and again just to think I am smoking I should think. My head still thinks I'm a smoker. Good look to you in beating this horrible habit. David

Hi David

Well done on entering your 2nd week you are doing really well disturbed sleep and weird dreams are fairly common for us quitters though mine have mostly settled down now

You should read anything you can find as this will make it much easier for you read the posts and click on the links you will find on a lot of them here are 2 I find very good and the more you understand why you smoked and about you addiction the better it is for you

Good Luck



Thanks for that margareth, plenty there to go at. Should this be the second link? David

Hi David

It is the same site OK so maybe they changed something since I last looked at it will make a note of that change otherwise I won't get on there when I want to



I think our circulation is up, Dragon.... I have been hot and sleeping badly as well but it is getting better... first week woke around 3:30 am now at least it is 5:30am...... hoping it will move back up to 7am or something..... you may be one of those people who will be able to get by with less sleep.... apparently I am..... Things will get back to normal!

Ditto, restless sleep - still feel 1000% better on less sleep than I used too so that's a big upside !

Thank you everyone.

My problem is I have an over active thyroid so am quite use to less sleep, unfortunately, not even my body can cope with even less sleep than I am used to!!

I have to go and see the docs next week for the thyroid meds so I will ask then if there is anything I can take to help.

Must give husband a mention, who was a far heavier smoker than me but has had a far better journey so far. He has no breaks in sleep, no cravings and isnt eating us out of house and home which is what I am tending to do! Arghhhh - men!! ;)

Don't know why lack of cigarettes causes it but I'm learning to live with sleep disruption - tried everything, sleeping tablets, couple of glasses of wine, watching TV in bed until I doze but nothing seems to work. Don't want a cigarette when I wake but just wish I could get a decent 7 hours sleep - hot and cold is the norm for me. My doctor says it is anxiety.

Hi nogarD

If you have an overactive thyroid maybe you should check with GP as maybe this can also change when you quit and so affect your sleep might be worth a checking woth him/her


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