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Stroppy moo and not sleeping


Well that says it all really, day 5 for me and finding it a bit tougher as I'm sooooo tired! Can get off to sleep OK but wake up lots of times in the night and by 5am that's me done and just lie thee until it's time to get up. Don't want to be getting up at 5am as I don't want to wake my daughter up. I always suffer with insomnia when I quit and even when I'm not quitting. Even though it's made the last 2 days much harder, not the craves but the 'why bother when all I need is some sleep' mentality. I take the patch off an hour before bed but still not enough sleep.........

Anyone got any words of wisdom?

Jane zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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I suffer with the same... and crazy dreams too... forgot to take my patch off last night and it was far worse.

All I can suggest is doing something that will physically tire you out.

Go for a cycle/run/walk in the evening after work or something.

Also drink chamomile tea and have a bath before bed. Might help.

Keep going though as this does ease off over time and you will sleep better then you have in ages as smoking also keeps you up as a stimulant.

Mixxy x

Insomnia is a bugger at the begining of the quit. I recall lying awake, thinking about smoking and wishing I could just be asleep so I could not think about not smoking! It does pass. Try not to stress too much. I bought some herbal tablets in the end, just to break the insomnia habit. Also, warm bath, relaxing book etc helps x

Thanks for the advice, had a slightly better night last night but still pooped, have bought some herbal sleeping tablets in case I get desperate....

Day 7 now and have felt stroppy last few days, at the beginning of this quit I felt really upbeat and determined, still determined but feeling low generally.......I DO NOT want to go back to the fags - guess the early euphoria wears off for everyone!

Jane x

Glad you're still off the fags... so am I :D

3 of us (members of the forum) quit on the same day and we seem have lost one on the way so it's up to you and me to carry the flag! I agree that it does get a little harder as time goes on and the euphoria felt at the start does seem to have worn off as I realise that there's no "buzz" to feeling normal i.e. the same as everyone who doesn't smoke - but then again there's no wheezing and coughing and aching and choking and generally feeling bad that the cigs make us feel.

The nicotine demon is very clever... after giving up we soon forget how bad the cigs are for us once we start to feel normal again and then this demon starts to tell us that cigs actually made us feel better - and our sub-conscience starts to believe it. This is why so many of us start again unfortunately.

When I started this 2 other people I know (not members of the forum) quit at the same time. Unfortunately they've given up so I guess I'll need the support of the forum even more now :(

hi Jane and RDN,

thanks for those posts, I'm on day 6 and was about to cave in.. I thought I would read this forum first and see if that changed my mind, it did :) one day at a time...

when I wore patches I used to find I had to leave them on till the last minute if I wanted to sleep, otherwise craving would keep me awake. this time I've gone cold turkey, but my house mate smokes so it's more difficult than it should be, sigh.

apologies for my user name, I'm feeling a little negative about quitting, as you both say the euphoria wears off, and the nicotine demon knows which buttons to press...




Right was that loud enough? Honestly we're right there with you, we're all going through the same and if you smoke nothing will have changed you'll just feel even worse! I promise you!

Have a look at the posts further down the board, ie people that have quit for ages - they are truly inspiring some of them and exactly where I want to be.

You can do this! We can do this!!!!

RDN - what is your name anyway???? I wonder where the other quitter went? I hope they're finding it blissfully easy and not needing any support however I guess it's more likely they slipped up, it's a bugger it really is, right it's you and me holding the flag for end of August quitters then!


thanks Jane,

I took a look at the week 2 crew, can't make myself look any further ahead (i am weak :)). they seem to be having their ups and downs, the most positive of them seem to be going out jogging....

i don't like jogging, it's just wrong! but i tried it :D got about 200 yards before needing to stop and cough a bit outside some unfortunate people's house, and then walked the rest, but it felt good. now i have some sort of mini goal, to jog around the block without stopping, something i could never do as a smoker.

still got the cravings, and tomorrow it's back to work, i give myself a 50/50 chance.

btw did you try quitting or cutting down on caffeine? could help with the sleeping



Yep I'm not a big caffeine drinker and don't normally have any caffeine after about 2pm, tonight I'm going to try a couple of bottles, er no sorry glasses of red wine!!! :D

Funny as I can't wait to go back to work tomorrow, I tend to do better at work as I'm busy - it's always been harder for me at the weekends as it's sooo tedious with shopping and housework etc!

As for the jogging I don't think I'll ever join that clan....I hate all that stuff! I do have a bike so maybe if I feel energetic I'll give that a go!

Well done for hanging on in there and I hope to see you still quit tomorrow! Don't let me down now ;)


I experienced the same problem in my first couple days. Also seen smoking related dreams, waking up sweating etc etc. but not anymore - outdoors & wine does it for me. 30min exercise and couple glasses of wine... no sleeping problems :) I'm slightly worried this course will make me an alcoholic though, so got to watch it :)

Good luck and I hope you find your trick to happy sleeps!


Tried thousand times, from Zyban to patches to gums to you name it...

Now quit 2nd of Sept, going cold turkey for the first time

Stroppy moo and not sleeping lol.

Yeh i was exactly the same, massive sleep deprivation and my god i was a teasy adder! sooo i thought RIGHT thats it i've had enough of this shit messing with my head and my life and i went with it. I took on a different attitude to deal with it, i woke up at 4:30ish am knowing this is just a crappy phase so i got up out of bed, put my trainers on...and went running lol all the way to my horses field, got some amazing feel good vibes about being up so early and the entire village being sleepy while i was up and full of energy, everywhere was quiet - it was lush, that time of day is just magical imo. Thren i'd get home feeling really good, have a shower, have brecky do some housework then wake the family!!! lol.

It seemed bonkers and it probably was BUT my body very quickly realised that this IS NOT a normal routine and before i knew it i was sleeping like a baby (a very cute one at that apparently lol :p.)

The quicker you get all nico out the better, Keeping active mentally and physically are key here!!! Just go with it, it's not forever.

More simply i just embraced the madness but am very strong now for it! Lots of luck and keep going. :)

well, i didn't make it, i caved and smoked at work - BUT - i learnt two useful things, and so will be starting again tomorrow, back at day 1 because that is where I belong (this was no blip, i'm afraid i smoked the whole pack of 10)

what have i learnt? firstly, i can quit at home easy but work is where i am going to struggle, so it's there i need to quit first. i love my job but i need to make decisions and i struggle to do that with no nicotine! so at work i will wear a patch to start with until i develop the coping strategies of a non-smoker, i have bribed a non-smoking colleague with a box of hungarian marzipan to help me out there :D and at home i will be a cold turkey.

secondly, i learnt just how determined i am to quit - i really didn't realise how much i'd invested in the quit process until i'd caved in, so even though i've not done well today there is a lot of energy in me that i think i can recapture tomorrow. i recognise now that there will always be times i find difficult and i need to learn how to face them as a non smoker.

the third of the two things i've learnt :) is that this forum does work for me - and i'm looking forward to meeting some 'day 1' quitters tomorrow,

best of luck to all you heroines and heros on days 4-7, i will follow (slowly) in your giant footsteps,


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