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Getting ready for tomorrow

As tyomorrow is no smoking day I'm kicking this habit for good hopefully. My reason for quitting is the fact my father died last week and although he wasn't a smoker he succumbed to prostate and then bone cancer. The word cancer is the relevant bit, i don't want it and i don't want to leave my family before my time as he did.

It's still recent grief and it'll be hard but i reckon a longer life is worth it!

Wish me luck and hopefully I'll get to know some of you along the way!!!


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GOOD LUCK!!! great choice to make, new beginings stick around here theres always someone here to support you:)



Cheers Paul, I'm not looking forward to the start of the journey but I'm looking forward to the benefits at the end. Thanks for the support



Firstly I am really sorry about your recent loss, I am sure your dad would be very pleased that you have decided to give up smoking! I also lost my dad and one of the things I keep in my mind is how pleased he would be that I quit smoking and it tends to keep me on track! I'm sure you will find lots of support on here, I find just reading different posts helpful. Good luck and remember you can do it! :)


Hi Stuart,

I am sorry to hear your sad news but happy you have joined the forum - good luck for tomorrow.


Thanks for the kind words and support, I'm really psyched up to do this now!! Goodbye stinky clothes and hello fresh air!! :)


Welcome Stuart - you've found the best quitting aid of all right here. The support is fanatastic - so keep posting (and reading) and you'll soon be clocking up the smoke free days.

Good luck for tomorrow,



so sorry for your recent loss, good luck for 2morro u can do it.......x


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