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Getting ready for the big day !!


Hi Guys !!

Have been lurking around the forum for a week or so and think it has some great posts and tips. I have set my quit date for a week today (Monday 27th December) and can't wait. I have set this day as we are spending christmas with my mum and sisters who all smoke, so I had to be realistic and make my quit date the day I go home :o

I just thought I would say hi before my quit and get to know a few people before my quit date as I am sure I will need some friendly advice/support at that point ;)

I am 33 years old and have decided to quit as I hate being a smoker, and hate that I have 3 great kids (aged 10, 7 and 5) who sadly come second to smoking. They must get sick to death of hearing me say "just let me have this cig first" :mad:

Anyways, looking forward to being part of the forum and can't wait to do as well as you guys !!

Dee xoxo

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Hi Dee and Welcome

Firstly well done on making the decision to stop smoking and setting a stop date.

In the meantime read, read and read and arm yourself with as much info as you can before that big day. This place is great and if you want to shout do so and if you want to share something good we will want to join in too. Dont be affraid to rant and go as thats what we are here for.

Are you going cold turkey or have you decided on a NRT or Champix etc. Whatever you decide we are here.

Good luck

I am trying patches this time. I have some of the mini lozenges in case of emergencies and also have got Allen carrs Easyway book to read through this next week for that extra push.

I have even been going to bed with Paul Mckennas stop smoking hypnosis on my MP3 for the past week. Anything that helps even in the slightest will be welcome lol !!

I previously tried Champix and didn't get the nausea that many get, but after 4/5 days I started to get VERY moody. I found myself wanting to kill my hubby when he was just being nice :eek: I would never try them again, and I'm sure my hubby wouldn't want me too lol !!

Hi Dee and welcome hun

Best christmas prezzy you could give yourself and your little ones. Has joe said read all you can and just take one day at a time. Try not to think of next week or next month just keep it in the day. Good luck hun have a lovely christmas. look forward to seeing you here for your day one next week.xxxxxxx PS freedom is fab.xxxxx:D:D

Hi Dee

Good luck for Monday. As Linda and Jo have said, post on here all the time if you need to, someone will be here to help you through the early and not so early days. It's an exciting road you're starting on, even if you don't think so at the start. I just love ticking off how far I've come along the road to being smoke free. The forum's great, use it x

Hi Dee, a very familiar story!

Good luck and trawl, read and post all you can to keep going.

It's an adventure, enjoy it!!

Have a good Christmas and we'll see you soon xx

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