Getting ready to quit again

Hi all,

Well after blowing my 50 day quit a few weeks ago, I restarted the Champix and have set my quit date for Sunday. I am looking forward to it in a lot of ways, but in others I am just as scared as I was the first time around :eek: So I am trying to think about the things I enjoyed about not smoking, and to stay as positive as I can, but it isn't easy. I am dreading those first 3 days again lol :( but it has to be done.

Worst thing is I won't be able to log in here very much as I can't top up my internet at the moment. Oh well.

So somebody wish me luck, please? :o

Zoe xx

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  • Good Luck ǝoZ :D

  • Haha that made me laugh already Dave :D:D

  • Hello hello !!!!

    Was thinking about you last night crazy lady!! Glad you're back and ready to kick ass, you know you can do it :D

  • Go for it Zoe , stopping smoking is really easy .....I have done it 12 times now.

    Seriously ....GOOD LUCK , enjoy the freedom.:cool:

    Regards Trev

  • Thanks all :D

    Yeah I guess the thing I am trying to think about the most is the sense of freedom, instead of thinking about being deprived. I had it before and I can have it again :p

    Zoe xx

  • Hey Zoe , we're all rooting for you big time!!

    Good luck, you can do it.


  • Ready made target then Zoe. Fifty days at least or the hit squad will be after you. You will do it, you know what caused you to light up again so be extra vigilant this time. Don't like wishing people luck. David

  • stopping smoking is really easy .....I have done it 12 times now.

    Like that Trev :D

  • Hey Zoe

    Im glad to see you are still here.

    You know you can do this girl, you have the support of a lot of people here waiting to spur you on and give you any encouragement that you need.

    And just think when your not spending money on cigs you can spend it on the veg you want and your internet access.

    Be Strong but ask for help when you need it.


    Lillie xoxoxox

  • Thanks Davofgy and Lillie ;)

  • All the best for Sunday Zoe - I think mixed feelings in the pre-quit period are absolutely normal, but you'll soon be reminded how great it feels not to be enslaved - and you KNOW you can do it!

    Sue x

  • He you,

    Good to see you back and certainly want to wish that you get all the luck that you need.

    Difficult to offer you any advice because you already know all the ups and downs of this quitting lark !!! :)

    Will say " keeeeeeeeep calm." Ha Ha. ;)

    I'll be looking out for you on Sunday. :D......(you better post!!!:p )

  • Good luck Zoe, you'll do great!


  • Good luck Zoe, you know you can do this so stay strong :)

  • I wish you all the luck in the world Zoe and if you can just try to remember the bad feeling doesn't last long really compared to your future health xx

  • Hi Zoe,

    Good luck in your quit you can do this so we are all rooting for you. Syay in touch when you can.


    Quit: 14/11/11

    Proud member of the November N.O.P.E group

    Live long & prosper.:p

  • Thanks so much everyone, you really are a fabulous bunch :cool::D

    I would never even have had a quit in the first place without you all, and am looking forward to my new one.

    Grumpie, I am in the library at the mo which is closed on Sunday, but will post if I can find a puta somewhere. Otherwise, I will read Allen Carr to get me through.

    And Karri, I know how much you want to quit really, otherwise you wouldn't be here, and you will quit too. We all do it in our own time, in our own ways, and your day will come. Meanwhile, I am just thinking freedom, which is what Allen Carr tells us to think.

    Oops, my library session is up in 4 mins, so gotta scoot :(

    Love to all,

    Zoe xx

  • Go, Zoe, Go!

    Well it looks as if Team Zoe are out in force to cheer you on! :D

    So glad to see your new day one on the horizon - and you just remember all those lessons you learned from your last quit.

    In particular - no crap that life can throw at you will be made better by a fag. :rolleyes:

    Let the Champix do its job (as you know it will) and in no time at all, you will be celebrating another 50 days. Hold on to as much positive mental attitude as you can muster so that you can recapture those days and weeks when you were really enjoying being an ex-smoker. You know that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain - we are all hoping that 2012 is going to be your year, so you need to start it without this stupid habit pulling you back.

    And beg, borrow or steal some computer time, because we are all waiting to hear how it's going for you!


  • Yes good luck Zoe! Good to see you back:). You did so well before in what seems like very adverse circumstances. I know the times that I nearly slipped up (and actually did slip up :o) were all the result of a stressful occurrences and sounds like you've had many of them. The illusion of a ciggie relieving stress is so powerful even if you know its only an illusion its reeeallly hard to resist. Hope you get back online soon and some good things come your way in "real" life too :)

  • I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, Zoe. I have absolute faith you can do this, and start the new year off in smoke free style!

  • Heres a couple of quotes you might find helpful.




    and good luck as well ,its always helpful.

    Mash x

  • Zoe, Zoe, Zoe,

    Tomorrow you do whatever you have to do...... sleep, hide, shout, bawl, get stubborn, get "headstrong", get drunk, (ehhh ... maybe not ) just DO NOT smoke aaannnnnd get your ass into that library Mon. morn and tell us about your non-smoking day.... OR ELSE WE WILL WANT TO KNOW WHY ... Ha Ha. :D :D

    No pressure. !!!!!!!! :)


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