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No Smoking Day
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Buckled in and Ready to Ride!!

Morning Everyone!! Day 1 Dawns....

So glad to be here and I feel mentally ready this time, rather than going for it out of guilt.

Ok I have prepared this time. I have read many threads - the one about blipping is really good and got me thinking big style about my last attempt in August as I had several blips. Also I am aware that when I get to the 6/7 week mark that is when it fails - there is something around that time so I am preparing mentally for that period now cos I know that is when the Snout Vonbuttend will kick my ass!!http://img246.imageshack.us/img246/8399/thumbsup4kk.gif

I hopes you are all having a great morning and are rocking and rolling through!


Me, I shall go and have a cup of tea and get on with the day - SMOKEY JOE FREE!! I know there will be those moments when I will feel like a mad werewolf person howling for the nic but I shall keep a lid on it cos I HAVE to do it - for my kiddies and for myself.

Have a great day all and many congrats for all of your quits - inspiration to so many.


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Jesus PoppyFairy you have posted a few times!!!

Congrats on deciding to give it a go again, all the best.

You sound very well prepared.

Keep us posted on your progress


Welcome back and good luck.


Well done on the first steps.

Its hard to quit, but keep it up and as the saying goes ... if at first you dont succeed, try try again.

Ive tried several times in the past and I am also aware of where I am most vulnurable


Poppyfairy This is your time new year new you i will keep my eye on you x

Take it 1hr at a time;)


Hi PF, we're all behind you wishing you well! Have a great first day!:)


Good Luck Poppy. You can do this. :D Just dont let them mind tricks take over you thoughts. Get rid as soon as they appear. xx


Welcome to day1 hope this is it for you now!


Ok Poppy dear ready steady go! You are smoke free now, nothing else you need to do honey but stay FREE!!! :)


Hello Poppyfairy, you can so do it this time! Hope your first day went fantastically x


Yipppeee!!! Hope you held on strong honey!! Keep it up!!! :D


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