No Smoking Day
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thats day 2 out of the way

As I type this I'm just starting out on day 3 yippeeeee :D. god day 2 was really hard :( just hoping today will be easier, I know now that all the nicotine as left my body good riddance and that this is the worst time for withdrawal symptoms, well I know if I get past this stage I will of got over the hardest bit of giving up smoking.

The champix is certainly working and taking the edge of, do feel a little sick and a little tummy ache after I’ve taken the pill but overall I’ve been fine (always make sure you eat something before you take the pill), still having dreams but don’t care as long as I’m sleeping :)

Will check back in tomorrow to see how you all doing, really hope it's working out no matter which way you are giving up, good luck and take care.

Roy (Wolfy)

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well done wolfy, just post if you need us :p


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