Day 2 On Chantix - Wow!

I did feel a little odd on the first day - cloudy, tired, etc. and I was bracing myself for those dreams/nightmares I have been hearing about - I was up as late as I could stand knitting away - just so that I didnt have to face them..but, alas, I slept like a baby and actually liked the dreams I had--I woke up feeling very hopeful about today and am looking forward to day 2. One mistake I made was to take the pill without food..I never eat in the morning and it is really hard to find anything I can tolerate..except of course rice here comes day 2...

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  • Well Done xx

  • WTG Smokey ...

    Know where you are with that rice pud too ;)

  • .... I was up as late as I could stand knitting away ....

    :eek: Struth Smokey ....

    Had you down here as a Brave but your as squaw honey :o

  • Way to go SS Soooooo glad to hear you feeling brighter today!!

    I hate eating in the morning too :o

    I have to eat when i have gym, a piece of toast, or banana or some yoghurt are my light breakfasts foods.

    Keep it up hun x x

    ~Buffy x x

  • Yes, I am a squaw!

    Here I am if you can see it...I guess there is a limit to the size you are able to post (97.7k), which is very small...anyway, I would love to see some of your faces too!!

  • I was expecting a squaw to look more like ...

    but hey, you look really stunning, can't believe your 97.7k though :D

  • Thanks John:

    For making me laugh just as I was starting to feel nausea from the Chantix...

  • and here's me on a good day ...

    just under 3000 bytes

  • hmmm, I advise uploading to photobucket and inserting an image using [code]insert url[/code] the pictures are far larger that way.

    Just look at the post your face thread!!

    SS i remember that pic from before x x x it is a nice one, you was just off out to see paco pena wasn't you??

  • Ut ohhh...trouble in the hood..

    Hmmm...better watch out - I have a kickboxing studio..heehee

  • I am out of control with posting photos - cant help it...


    Woo grats on post 69!! :D

    Can't see pic though :(

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