No Smoking Day

Day 92, Thats month 3!

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't posted for a while again but I have stayed off the evil weed.Month 3 already, I'm happy with that.

And Buffy, the bike is still holding the shed wall up. :p I'm finding this bit harder than the quit. I get home from work now and its a bit chillier and darker and a bike ride just know.

With the smoking, I still get the occasional urge and now and again, my first waking thought is cigs but I aint going back. I was hoping these urges would be gone by now but when I sit down the pub and watch the erks going outside in the rain for a puff, I smile and know I'm the one thats better off.

Financially I would have spent £864.80 to feed my 40 a day soveriegn habit since quit day.

Onward and upward.

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CONGRATS TO YOU FOR MAKING IT TO 3 MONTHS!!! Good job ~ Keep going you are doing great.


Well Done!!! Congratulations On 3 Months!!:d :d


Thanks for that. I notice you are in Ontario. My sister lives in Tilbury Ont. If you see her, say hello. hahaha.


I will tell her that you said hello! I'm sure I will see her later :p


Ahhh Well Done Martin :D

Sure the bike will hold up the shed till the weather warms again *sigh*

As long as your keeping the craves at bay it matters not ;) just go easy on the doughnuts!! :D

Great to see you x x

~Buffy x x


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