No Smoking Day

Day 10 wow thats gone fast

Hi everyone, ive not posted for a few days but i have been reading others, think i was a bit scared to post in case i jinxed myself, it is getting much easier to deal with craves as and when they happen, but instead of being tense craves of i really want a cig there now more of a thought that i keep blowing away by saying "no i dont want a cig because im a happy non smoker" and this seems to be working for me!

i am still using patches and lozengers but dont put patch on now till gone 10 in the morning and take it off by 9 at night and just have a lozenger if i feel it tackles a tough crave, i know that getting in the right frame of mind is definately what works but as someone else has said in another post today if using nrt helps while you get your mind in the right place then thats what can be done and i am so chuffed to have got to 10 days and if it takes another 6 weeks to come off the nrt then i dont mind as each day i feel stronger and more positve.

I think this forum is fantastic in the support that everyone so freely gives out and there are some wonderful people on here that truly are an inspiration!!

No matter how many times we all try to get to our place of freedom there are no failures only lessons to lead us in the right direction.

thanks to everyone and goodnight x

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:D Brilliant tracy, sounds like youv'e cracked it!!

Thanks for the advice you gave to me in the first few days & the lows :).

Doing ok myself at the moment. :)

my wife & sons have promised me a trip to the british superbikes if I quit.. so I've got an extra incentive!

Keep thinking the way you are!!! :D


Thanks Ytene, and well done you doing fantastic and what an incentive, you got to stick to it now!

Thanks Bibleblack, I have read your advice and I am now starting to wean myself off the patches but I think it is so much more important to tackle the brainwashing first, if not no matter if nrt is used or not the problem will always be there, I know I need to come off nrt and I am aware I still have nicotine in my system but the mind and positive thinking to become a non smoker is what i have struggled with previously, i do appreciate your advice and everyone else on here too, so thank you!


Hi tracy,

don't wean yourself off too quick, make sure you're ready to.... A friend at work had gone thee weeks on patches & an inhaler, stopped the patches..then 2 days later dumped the inhaler, he lasted 4 days & went back on the cigs.

I'm trying to get him to pack up with me but he says he's not ready to try again yet :(



I get your thinking, Tracy.... truly I do! For me it was a mind game as well, having to learn to control the thinking versus actual physical addiction. I truly believe when you are able to switch your thoughts, the physical part is no big deal...... maybe consider hypnosis? Not many mention it on here but I believe when one is really ready and has even given up already it might help with the mind battle..... whatever you decide to do, good luck, keep going, and keep :):)


Hi Tracy :D

On day 11 now that's wonderful well done you and already cutting down on the time you wear a patch

Take note of what the others are saying but at the end of the day do what feels right for you as nobody knows your body as well as you do




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