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Watch out, coming thru! Day 2!


Hiya all!

Thanks for all the support on my day 1 thread, it really does help. Nice to see you again, J, my quitbuddy!

I've had one of the best days - not just quit days, but period - of recent years. I feel in a state of tranquil peace, after having read some more of a book "A New Earth", by Eckhart Tolle. This book and "The Power of Now" by the same author have totally shifted my perpective on life.. I would highly recommend the latter to anyone wanting to feel at peace and in harmony with the world. Just going for a walk down the road can become a spiritual experience, thru mindfulness, it's great!

Enough spirituality I made it to my last day two off the smokes, it's 5.25pm here. Feeling good. I will not allow smoke near me now, which I think is prudent - I'm not gonna make the mistakes again, no way jose.

Well I'm gonna surf the forum for a bit, catch you all later ;)

Love P. x

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NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Well done, great attitude.

Here's to your last day 3 tomorrow ;)

Well done!! i'd love to be in harmony but its not easy being part of a big family!


Hi Paul :D

2 days done that's great well done you

You sound very different this time around much more positive and in control


Marg xxxxxxxx

Hi Paul, welcom back and well done on your 2 days done, just read through your posts and wow you sound sooooooooooo positive and a great attitude, must rad those books you mentioned!

welcome back and fantastic keep smiling :)


chalked up day 2

Yeah, I feel good at the mo, thanks for your replies.

Well day 2 chalked up, I go to my stop smoking clinic tomoz to score low on the carbon monoxometer-thingy. Then a visit to my dentist to have my teeth polished! :D Woohoo!

My flat smells of lavender like you wouldn't believe :rolleyes:

Right, do some reading then toddle up the wooden hills to Bedfordshire.

Catch you all tomorrow, thanks again.

Love P. x

well done paul,,keep up the good work,,and conreats on your quit,you seem to have your mind foucus on your quit,,,you just keep the faith and keep :D:D:D tony

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