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Newbie in need of some support please

Hi everyone, im Vicki, 20 years old and i want to be a NON SMOKER for my 21st birthday!

Ive been on Champix for almost 2 weeks now, suffering nausea on the morning tablet and crazy but good (Robert Pattinson ;) ) dreams but its managable. My stop smoking day is Saturday.

I havent had 1 ciggy today and im seriously thinking about forgetting about Saturday and just doing it today!

I have a small amount of tobacco left in my pouch, 2 packs of rizlas, a pack of filters and 2 lighters staring at me in my bag tho..!!

I would just like some advice on what to do next?

Should i wait til Saturday?

Should i give my cig products to my Mum / Partner (both smokers :( )

Should i carry on taking the Champix for the full course - 10 weeks? (Ive heard about terrible side effects tho?)

Any experiences with Champix or anything to help me would be greatly appriciated!

And.. WELL DONE to everyone on here that has given up, hopefully i will be one of you very soon!


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Hey Congratulations on taking the first steps to being a non smoker :)

You havent had one today so why not see if you can just not smoke for the rest of day?? Theres no time like the present.....just bin the baccy, lighters etc and go for it.

Then just think, by saturday you'll have already completed 2 days of no smoking!!!

Cant give any advice on the Champix sorry.

Good luck

Red xxx


Thanks for the reply Red, i can see just by reading a few posts on here that there are so many supportive people out there!

Im drinking a Berocca and lots of water to minimise my cravings at the moment.

Told a coleague im quitting and he said "Oh, and how long is that going to last!" - i walked away and its made me even more determined to quit!

Ive also just bought Allen Carrs book, decided to write a diary and download the QUIT NOW app for my phone.

Still unsure on the Champix tho, if i stop taking them will i get worse cravings..hmmm?!

..But anyway, however i do it, i WILL do it!

Just going to need some support throughout my 1st day, and hopefully tomorrow i will be posting on my 2nd day!


Good for you on starting to quit LittleVix, I wish I'd have done it when I was 20 instead of nearly 30 years later.

God, what a fool I've been :(

If you start with Champix or patches it's probably best to do the whole course.

As for your remaining cigarette stuff, don't give it your mom or your partner, throw them away (in a public bin so you can't retrieve them!).

It makes it more final, leaves you with no links to YOUR habit and also stops you from encouraging your mom and partner to continue.

It's just a mindset thing by actually disposing of them.

If you don't smoke today, why start again? You will have one day over and done with :D


You go Girl lol!!!

The Alan Carr book is good, and a good positive attitude which you seem to have already (Mines seems to have disappeared over the last few days but im working on getting it back).

I also find brilliant as well, some really good articles and stories on there.

Red x


Thanks both of you for your reply!

Ive been on my lunch break and was really craving a ciggy after my food but i stuck with it and didnt cave in!

Im going to throw my ciggies in the bin as soon as i get home! (public bin outside my house!)

Ive found sucking a drumstick lolly helps the cravings too! :p

Captian - Your not a fool at all!! You've done really well in quitting, no matter what age, you have still beaten the evil white sticks!! Listening to advice and support from people like you has and will help me along the way to being a healthier person!!

Red - Im already listening to all the support from everyone and i know we can beat this, it might be hard but the way im thinking about it is, we are human, the best thing ever created and we have to be able to beat a little white, smelly fag!! So many people have already done it so so can we!! So, keep your head held high and get back on that positive streak!!


Drumstick lollies have been my saviour this quit as well, great minds think alike................or fools seldom differ lol!!! :D:D:D

Got my fingers crossed for you, your doing brilliant so far.


Good Idea Karri, Cup of water gonna soak through everything!

Going to throw all ashtrays and get rid of anything that reminds me of smoking tonight, get to the shop and buy some lovely airfreshener for my room and car.

Only thing im slightly worried about is my boyfriend smokes and im at his place quite a lot, he smokes in the living room when we watch tv etc. It would be rude for me to ask him to go outside or into a different room as it is his house so im just going to have to stick it out i guess?!

Another question about Champix if anyone knows.. im feeling really bloated and have stomach cramps, i havent ate a great deal today so im guessing this is the tablets not me being a greedy cow!?

Thanks guys, your all really helpful and supportive!


Day 1 success

Managed it, will post in day 2 now!

Thanks for all support xxxx


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