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Newbie Champix blog day 0


Hi everyone Ive been reading all the champix threads over the past couple of evenings and its really boosted my confidence into thinking I will quit, theres so many sucess stories. Today I pick up my pescription of champix and shall start the course tomorrow morning. Ive set my quit day for the 13th of October which will be day 8 but I suppose I will just have to wait and see what happens. Im a little scared of what side affects they might have on me, however this far out weighs the prospect of becoming a non smoker. Im really glad Ive found this site as I think it will give me something other to concentrate on. Ive been smoking for 24 years/ 20 a day habit. Cant wait to stop for good. Will keep you all updated. Off to pick up my prescription.;)

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Hi Special K :)

Well done on the decision to stop smoking a massive decision in itself but one you'll never regret

I also used champix with no problems at all

Below is my standard welcome and advice post which I try and give all new members

Welcome to the forum and well done on the decision to quit possibly one of the most important you will ever make and you will be losing nothing but you will regain control of your life and that has to be good

You will find all the help and support you need on here as we all help each other just like a family we are here for you every step of the way cheering the good days and sympathiseing with the bad but the good far outweigh the bad

Read the posts on here you will find a lot of tips and advice and in the signatures of a lot you will find links to other sites just click on them Here are 2 I find very good to start you off and Read, read and then read some more as the more you read and learn about why you smoked and about your addiction the easier your quit will be

This link is good for the psychological part of quitting

Post often to let us know how you're doing, to rant, rave have a moan whatever you like pretty much anything goes on here OK



Hi Special k

Welcome. I'm almost three weeks ahead of you on Champix and smoke-free for a week. I found this forum very useful and supportive. A few things I've picked up over the past couple of weeks might help you know what's ahead, but Champix isn't the same for everyone, so keep posting here.

1. Read as much as you can to understand why and how you are addicted to cigarettes.

2. For me, Champix didn't seem to kick in until about the 13th day, so don't be too hard on yourself if by your quit date you don't feel ready.

3. Champix did/does make it a lot easier. I haven't had any cravings at all, but remember you have still got to *stop* smoking, so it does require some will power.

4. Take Champix with food. Quite a lot of people (me included) suffer from nausea with it, but food does help.

5. Side effects can be unpleasant for some. Other have reported depression and a feeling of being spaced out. I haven't had anything like that. Strangest thing I suffered from was very weird dreams, they weren't nightmares, just strange and because of them I would have a very disturbed night's sleep, which in turn led to me being tired during the day.

6. While Champix does help with the cravings, there's nothing you can take to help break the habit. So be prepared to think about cigarettes, just don't have one.

7. Keep reading and keep posting here. I've found it very supportive and encouraging to see others who've been down the same road.

You've made a great decision, you can do it. Good luck


Thanks for the welcome yeah I think this site could keep me busy for hours, plenty of information to take in and really positive too. Im really excited about stopping at the moment but thats probably because Im still smoking. Will let you all know how the next few days go.

Welcome and well done, i cannot comment on Champix, but can say reading the links will really help you get your head in the right place. Glad to have you on board, and do keep letting us know how it is going.

Thanks for the welcome yeah I think this site could keep me busy for hours, plenty of information to take in and really positive too. Im really excited about stopping at the moment but thats probably because Im still smoking. Will let you all know how the next few days go.

Excellent, I started mine today and my quit day is the 17th (I want a good run at it) Good luck, may the force be with both of us.:D


Couldnt wait picked up my prescription today so took a tablet straight away. Thats me en route to being a non smoker hopefully.

Hi Special K

Big welcome and good luck with your quit. I found Champix really helped, just avoid reading the horror stories and listen to your own body and you'll be fine. I stopped smoking on day 11 of Champix, quit the tablets 3 weeks later and am still soldiering on. It does get easier with every day! Only other advice I can offer is, when you need support ask for it!

Took my second tablet today, havent had any side effects at all up to now. Smoked first thing as usual and on the way to work(6am this morning). Dont know if Im just more aware of giving up but I havent had a fag since 10am this morning, just dont feel like one, that was four and a alf hours ago and usually Im one at least every hour.

Its now 6pm and I havent smoked since this morning, Im determined to stop. Of course old habits die hard but after reading some of threads on here and keeping myself busy Im hoping I will make it through the next few days by keeping myself busy when Im not working. Its not easy of course I could go and smoke easily but Im choosing not too. Would love to be able to tell the nurse at the clinic when I go back for more champix that Ive been stopped for over a week. Ok so Im thinking alot about smoking, does this pass? I suppose it must get easier as time goes on, like anything its just breaking the habit. I feel quite positve to be honest and happy Im on my road to being free of fags. By the way Good luck Christine.

Hi - Well done. I notice from your dates that you've quit only a day after starting Champix, so it won't have had a chance to build up in your system. That might explain why you're getting less help with the cravings than you would have if you'd have been on it for a week or so.

But don't worry - you're doing great by quitting early and the Champix will kick in as you continue to take it, so it will get much easier as you progress.

Even though it's been over a week since I stopped, I still 'think' about smoking. It's just trying to break the habit rather than the addiction, but it does seriously reduce each day.

Keep thinking all those positive thoughts and reminding yourself how well you're doing - because you are!

Good luck


Thanks for the advice Sue, yeah I know the champix wont have had time to build up in my sytem and Im really determined to do it right this time and quit for good. I just think the time was right for me, and Im still feeling quite positive so will just see how it goes.

Your will power is amazing!! How are you doing day 3??

I only smoked 7 yesterday but I would be fearful at this stage to quit, however I was going for day 12 but I think I will head for day 9/10. I really want to go onto the big blues before I do.

Today is harder for me than yesterday, more cravings but I think that is because I'm ready for the higher dose (tomorrow I start taking 2 whites).

I'm also reading Allen Carrs easyway to quit smoking, he is so right about the panic and fear thing about quitting.

Well done my love, you should be very proud of yourself.:D



Hi Christine, Im really looking forward to following your progress too:)

Yes unbelievably thats me gone more than 24 hours without a smoke. I think this forum and my kids have alot to do with spurring me on.

Im still getting cravings probably because the champix hasnt kicked in yet but I would have to say Im more than convinced its my state of mind this time, Im really determined to do it, I mean I still have cigarettes in the house because I already decided I wasnt going to deny myself, its just going to be my choice and at the moment Im choosing to say no. I read somewhere on here that withdrawing from heroin is about 100 times harder, so Im thanking god that I only have to tackle cigs and when I do get the urge I remind myself I could be alot worse off.

I am eating a bit more but hey ho if thats all then I will deal with that issue later. As for side effects I dont think Ive had any, maybe the vivid dreams but all I would say is that I remember them. I dreamt the night before last that someone was offering me a fag and when I took one I realised it was a toe with the long bone conneceted...hahahaha and last night I dreamt I was being crushed in a crowd and saved my daughter by putting her inside a kitchen unit.

Anyway Im off to work.....have a good day guys and speak later:)


I was at work on the early shift today so instead of smoking a fag as soon as I opened my eyes, I had a nice cup of tea as Ive also given up coffee as that had also turned into a huge addiction without me noticing. Been feeling quite good today, of course I still have the notion of going for a fag at certain times such as after Ive eaten etc but these habits are really to break, however I seem determined and I am managing it. Even a guy I work with has decided to quit too as he has seen how well Im doing. I must say its not easy and only an ex smoker could really understand what we are putting ourselves through. BUT

I WILL NOT BE BEATEN. As for side effects none at all, not even any dreams last night. On to double tablets now.


I am about a week ahead of you on Champix, day 12 on the tabs and 2nd day completely smoke free. From reading the forums everyone seems to be differnt and you will know exactly when the right day is for you to quit completely. I was set for today as my stop day but ended up not wanting any cigs at all yesterday.

Good luck :)


Cant beleive how easy it has been to quit overall. I think its because Im so pleased with myself for getting this far. Im still remembering my dreams every morning but thats not exactly a bad thing if thats the only side effect Ive suffered from so far. I shared a bottle of wine last night which I was a bit wary of doing but I was fine didnt feel like smoking at all. Seem to be eating a little more than usual but still feeling quite positve, keeping myself busy and beginning to see myself as a non smoker at last. A day nearer to a week of no smoking.

Hi Special K

I am also quitting using champix and i think they are brilliant. You need to make sure that when you move to week 2, you take your tablets after food and with a big glass of water as the most common side effect seems to be nausea and the water really does help. Also like you i found this web site and felt so inspired after reading it. It has really helped me especially yesterday (day 2) i think if i hadnt come on here i might have caved.

Good luck and keep posting.

HI special k,

You're doing fantastic - and the Champix will be in your system by now so that should give you some extra support. Keep it up. Me - after 12 days, I had a serious wobble today, first time I've even wanted let alone craved a cigarette - now where did that come from - but I didn't have one. I've not come this far to go back to that horrible self-loathing and dependency feeling again.


Hi Sue yeah dont have one now, youre doing really well and have gone way too far to go back now. If you are anything like me just one would more than likely lead to another, and you would punish yourself forever more for going right back to square one. Congratulations on coming so far I cant wait till Im as far down the line as you.


Well done everyone we should all be very proud.

Update from me after smoking for 17 years, 15-20 a day I started Champix on the 10 August 09, had last cig on morning of the 18 August 09. Now been 8 weeks nicotine free and feeling great. I didn't finish full course of Champix only done 6 weeks.. worked for me not saying it will work for everyone. 1st I cut them down to half tablets to test the water then kept forgetting to take them so decided to stop.

Its amazing even on big nights out (most my friends smoke) I don't crave them which I never thought I would see the day as even on Nicorette patches (previous failed attepmt at quiting) I always wanted one when I was on a night out drinking.

Now 2 of my friends have started on Champix after seeing me come off them.

I wish everyone luck... I love this forum it really encourages you if you ever feel a moment of weakness


Great, well done K, you are talking in months now.



Had quite a good day today still been eating a little more than I would usually but Ive decided I can get back on track with that in a couple of weeks time once Im sure Im over the addiction. Still having vivid dreams each night but cant say they bother me as they dont wake me up. I have noticed Im really starting to be able to identify smokers by their smell, I work in a garage so we lots of different customers, I cant say I dislike the smell its just very noticable now. The guy who works with me said he was going to quit on Friday cold turkey he managed up until today and was back on the fags, I felt sorry for him but I think he was only doing it because I was, silly really as youve got to want to do it for yourself, nobody else.

Start the big blue pills tomorrow, hope Im ok.

I'm on the big blues tomorrow too, good luck to us both:D

So Christine is today the big day??? your official quit day, how you doing??

hi Special K... I'm really impressed about how well you've done from Day 1... I started Champix 9 days ago and from Day 1 went from 10 a day to 4 a day, I carried on for 7 days, I had originally decided to stop on Day 14 but after 7 days I just couldn't be bothered with smoking, so it is my 2nd day and i feel good, I feel quite intense nausea after the morning dose and have lost my appetite but it's completely manageable and I'm so happy to have finally quit smoking! :D


Thanks for the support, yeah it was a week yesterday that I actually stopped and to be honest I cant ever imagine smoking again, I do think about it now and again but to actually put one in my mouth I think would make me feel quite ill its been too long. Now Ive got an addition to cups of tea. (Gave up coffee too, I was on about 15 a day!!!)

Hope everyones having a good day, stick in there!!!!

Hi special K

Well done and it only gets better, keep up the good work

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