New here and need some support please!

Hello everyone!

Day 11 for me, 2nd quit this year as I did a month in January but caved in just before my birthday - grrrrrr!

Anyway, I've been stalking all of you lovely people for the past couple of weeks and I wanted to thank you for keeping me busy and getting me this far. 💜

Today I have done nothing but 'miss' my old self and my smoking habit. I have thousands of great reasons to stop and haven't actually struggled too much so far but I am now finding it harder not easier.

I am using an ecig which has helped me enormously but I get the impression that this is really frowned upon and it makes me question whether or not I've 'really' quit. I was quite proud of myself but having read lots of posts on the subject I now feel like a bit of a fraud. It seems to me that it's a bit like the birth debate - if you needed pain relief/c- section you haven't 'really' experienced giving birth, and likewise if you haven't quit cold turkey and been through hell you haven't 'really' quit!!!

I'd love your thoughts please! Am I a fraud?!

Well done to you all for your fab efforts so far - just hope I can feel as positive soon....


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  • I don't think you're a fraud at all! I am using champix and I also used a e-cig for a few days in the beginning. If it helps you get off the fags then I think you do whatever you long as you plan to quit the e-cig too ;)

    Keep up the good work and well done :D

  • Hiya and welcome :)

    Well done for stopping again, don't feel like a fraud for using an e-fag but do be careful with it!!

    It's very easy to let the feeling of not being properly quit build up because the e-fag is so similar to a real one, and also because it mimics the smoking action so closely, unless you're very careful it can end up feeling exactly like smoking.

    I messed up a 10 month quit, largely because of that - ended up using it where I would have smoked, which made me miss actual smoking (why????), and eventually cave.

    Some people get on great with e-fags, but you have to restrict it really closely or it can be a huge trap.

    Most of stopping smoking is a mind thing - the actual nicotine withdrawal bit is relatively easy - by carrying on the act of smoking you can end up as a smoker who just doesn't smoke real ones.

    Keeping it for emergencies is fine, anything is better than smoking, but using it regularly is playing with fire.

    Not trying to scare you, but I'd hate for you to go the same way as i did.

    I'd recommend reading Allen Carr, which should help you get your mind on the right track :)

  • Hi Tangled - You have not, as yet realised your own strength!

    Hi Tangled

    You are not a fraud. Far from it, this is not an easy journey we have undertaken, to stop smoking. If we are honest, we loved this habit, knowing full well that it is not good for us. It is not in having failed and fallen, but to try and try, that defines our strength. I admire you and any one who tries and tries. I have been a coward all my life. Been a constant smoker for over 40 years and never tried to stop. But now pushing 57, next month, I cannot kid myself any longer. I cannot avoid the price I might have to pay for having smoked all my life - so believe me, you are far better person than I have ever been.

    So be strong, pat yourself on the back, congratulate yourself for not giving up to 'give up'!

    Hope you make it. Be strong. Appreciate your strength (because it takes a hell of a lot more strength to bare your soul, here, than carry on smoking)

    Good luck


  • Well done!

    Well done Tangled on 11 days quit. You are quit, you have quit the real cigs, the harmful ones. A lot of people use Ecigs as a tool to quit and do it successfully. I would say they are best with no nicotine though:eek: Early days, so any help you can get is good. I used Champix and I also had pain relief when I had my daughter:) I don't consider myself a fraud though:)

  • Just noticed Gemma Lou's post above she is the expert on Ecigs so head her advice:)

  • Thankyou all for replying - I really appreciate it!

    Feel a bit low and deflated and wondering if it's all worth it.

    Of course I know it is deep down.....tomorrow is a new day


  • Thankyou all for replying - I really appreciate it!

    Feel a bit low and deflated and wondering if it's all worth it.

    Of course I know it is deep down.....tomorrow is a new day


    Don't feel down, seriously don't!!

    I'd kill to be in week 2, while you were in the warm posting that, I was outside freezing myself to death inhaling goodness knows what.

    You tell me who's missing out.

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