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New to this, Day 4 of Quit, need some support

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Hey Everyone,

I only joined today, not sure what I am supposed to post here so apologies if I make no sense lol.

I decided to quit smoking onnew years day, I had been putting it off for around a year and decided now is the time. I have previously tried quitting with no joy while trying patches, chewing gum, inhalor etc etc. So this time I am going it alone! No help from anything, right now I am not too bad but from time to time I get real urges to just lift a cig and end this torture (sounds dramatic, I know lol).

Days 1 and 2 where not too bad, yesterday (day 3) however was horrible. All I did was cry, my hubby wasnt able to say anything to me without me birsting into tears.

The feelings I am getting at the minute are more to me like a grieving process that breaking an addiction.

I have had some physical symptoms too, nuesea, nightmares, itchy skin.

Anyway, any tips will be extremely welcome. This is my first day back at work and as I am not overly busy it is proving to be getting difficult as I wold have nipped out for a smoke by now :-/

Good luck to everyone else!

8 Replies

Hi Jill,

Welcome & well done to you :D

I am on day 4 also (not my first attempt).

All the things you are experiencing are normal & will pass with time believe me. Your sleep will soon settle & your emotions as well.

You have got over the first 3 days where the nicotine is removed from your body so you already done the hard physical bit :D

I always take long slow deap breaths when I get a bad moment & drink plenty of water.

I have a link to whyquit in my signature which has so much info to ehlp you understand what is happening. It will also keep you busy ;)

Keep at it, you WILL be fine & there is always someone here to listen ok?

Gaynor xx


Thank you Gaynor!

It is good to chat to other people who are/ have went through it themselves. My Hubby is doing amazingly well helping me even though I am a nightmare sometimes (he bought me a new nail kit to keep me occupied) but he doesnt know what the physical symptoms are like and it is so hard to explain to anyone who hasn't went through it how hard it is to come to terms with.

I will have a juke at the link on my lunch, hopefully then I wont have time for an urge.

Do you think it is better to avoid situations that you used to smoke. I.E I was thinking about going for a walk on my lunch but before I would have smoked 3cigs on the way. Is it sensible avoiding this for a while or just tackle it head on?

Thanks so much again



Nightmares seem common amongst non smokers in the beginning, Thank God I havent had any yet, with my imagination I'd be screwed lol ! I did have a kinda halluci-dream the other day, real enough to wake me up and I was convinced the house was being burgled, got up at 2:40am, and couldnt physically go back til 4am then off to sleep finally at 5....

Hope you feel better today! Things might ease off later! Day 3/4 seem to be the worst for people so far!


Hi Jill,

You're welcome ;)

I would say not to avoid smoking sitautions myself (unless they involve alcohol in the early days). They have for me never been as bad as I thought they would be & if you can get through them in the early stages then that is brilliant. Every time you get through one you prove to yourself that you can do whatever it is without lighting up. It may seem strange at first but only briefly. We have to learn to do all sorts of things without out little crutch so the sooner you face it the better & stronger you become :D

Gaynor x


Believe me the nightmares where bad lol. The one the other night was I was dreaming that flies where coming out of the the pores in my skin and living on me (sorry for the grossness lol) my hubby said that I was actually scratching my skin in my sleep and he had to wake me up! I am the same, once I am awake I have to either get up and do somthing or wait for ages to get back to sleep.

I also get so warm when I am sleeping and that isn't somthing I was while I smoked.

Thanks, hopefully it will all go away very very soon.



Well Done MASSIVE virtual hugs to you!!

well done darling... xxx

You have done so much already... I am on day 8 today and experienced in particular the 'grieving' process.. I am now getting over that and starting to actually enjoy thinking about a cigarette...why? because I am mentally and sometimes ( when I am on my own ) actually sticking two fingers up to the nicotine... The feeling of freedom I have already is amazing and I am only 4 says in front of you. You will feel like crap now but you WILL feel much better...Just think of all the wasted hours you spent puffing on a little cancer stick.

hang in there hunni xx we are here to support you xx:p


Day 8 Nikki.... well done you! that is great!

The grieving thing is strange, not many other people talk about it. I have smoked since I was 13 (10 years) and have never been able to remember not smoking, smoking has got me through so many tough times.

I do realise that it wasn't actually smoking that helped, it was my safety blanket. I am starting to panic though what I will use as a blanket now :-/


There are quite a lot of threads about little friends- scroll down to the reasons section. I could have wept for the loss of them- they were the most important thing in my life- and I speak as a mother of 4 with a superstrong marriage, a career, lots of friends, 2 dogs and 3 cats.

But they were NOT my friends they were killing me, impoverishing me, making me smell,look old, lose teeth and stopping me from doing other, more interesting things.

They have infiltrated every pore of your body and it is a strange process, but your body knows exactly what to do to flush these toxins out. You can help- drink lots of water, get vitamin c either naturally or in supplements. Also B vits. Take exercise- get supportive hubby to go for a walk before bedtime with you, and sex is good too.

To help with the sleep, be aware that smoking makes caffeine less effective, so you may now need to reduce your caffeine intake- will help with the jitters.

As to managing without the smokescreen- well, it's a ride, you will learn so much about yourself- a serious quit is like a crash course in self awareness, just enjoy discovering yourself.:eek:

And we will help as much as we can. We are all rooting for you


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