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Depression and 5 dresses and Day 23

Well on day 23 and i have felt emotional and down since Sunday. I had my first drink on saturday and went out and never smoked so i was really proud of myself. Was expecting to feel great on Sunday but i never, i cried literally the whole day. Dont know if this is withdrawel symptoms or the fact i have split up with bf about 3 weeks ago (my choice and it is over for me).

Reading all the posts, it would appear this is common, but how long does it last? I felt amazing in the first 2 weeks.

Anyway just went and ordered 5 dresses online which i cant afford but if i smoked i would have spent more money this month so trying not to feel guilty!!

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I'm with you on this one. I always read that quitting smoking can bring depression symptoms similar to losing a loved one, but I didn't really believe it until recently. I'm prone to short bouts with depression anyway but this one is different. I'm on day 31 and should be bouncing back pretty soon here, but I am sure it is different for everyone.

Nicotine does remarkably strange things to your brain. You just earned control and your life back, now go do something to experience it. my first thought is going out for ice cream in the middle of winter. Anyway, stay strong, stay positive, it will be much better soon.


I had a "99" ice cream last night! Hence the reason i ordered some dresses, clothes getting too tight!


Enjoy your dresses and do not feel guilty about buying them you deserve them after quitting and going through a split aswell,you need to treat yourself.Head up hun,time is a real healer x x x


I recently broke up with my BF too...and yes you want to cry...

and I hang in there the best I can! I also have Hypothyroidism...

and this brings depression as here we go...but stay positive..

I try and its working so far...think of all the good things...and how

great a person you are! You are amazing! and if you want

5 dresses or 10...your worth it babe!!!!!!

Life is so short as we know....lets make it the best we can...

while we can. ;)


Your worth it. :)

From the advert and this is what I tell myself when I buy a little present for not smoking. :D


Thanks guys, feel a bit better today. I have been reading month 2 and it appears that month 1 is the worst for depression and feeling emotional so i have confidence this will pass soon :)

Looking forward to my dresses arriving now which cost the equavalent of less than 2 weeks worth of smoking (£70) so technically i still have change lol !!! unbelievable.


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