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Day 23 - defo getting better


Hiya guys...firstly congrats to everyone on this forum for quitting and thankyou for everyones posts as they have really helped me with my quit too (especially members of the October 2011, September Stoppers, November Nopes, Mrs T, Carol62 and all those other long term quitters who take the time to help others in quitting).

I was just doing some reading and thought this was a brilliant post on another forum from someone who has quit and stayed quit.

And looking at her 1 and 2 years quit milestones I think she got this quitting lark down to what it's all about. It really is about how we perceive smoking, once we change our mindset from "what am I giving up" to "wowsers what have I got to gain from this" then the jobs a good un. I see a lot of people wondering what's the best way to give up but I think it really doesn't matter how we give up. It's this mental attitude that get's us to where we want to go - to be a non-smoker!

I see so many successful long term quitters posting on here and it's wonderful to see but do you want to know what they all have in common?....yup, this same positive mental attitude. I know it sounds cheesy but I think it's true. As Lesley (from the story) quotes - Henry Ford said: "If you think you can or think you can't you are right".

Cheers for listening and being there

Lisa X

P.S. It's absolutely lovely to cuddle my 3 year old son and not be worried that I stink of cigarettes, it truly is brilliant. Another big plus is my skin is getting better. I have eczema and psoriasis and guess dry skin is clearing up and my psoriasis has gone, just shows what all those chemicals were doing to our bodies. I'm already gaining loads and losing nothing. XXXXX

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Great post.

Well done, Lisa! :)

Another good story from the same forum.

Just trying to reinforce me quit.


A good read too. So many similarities for a few of us I'm sure?!

Great post, Lisa.

The collective whole of the group seems to have an energy that bolsters each of the individual's own resolve and will to continue.

It certainly does!

Happy weekend everyone,


Hey Lisa , what a great post, you've set me up for the day.



Well done Lisa :D

You really are a star you know. BUT I would expect nothing less from a Brummie lass ;)

Zoe xxxx

thats a brill thread lisa :D you should add the links to your signature so everyone can click on them

im glad to have helped you but only doing the same as some of the wonderful people that were there for me in my quit

staying positive and changing your mindset is def the key and read read read also helped me even watching some of the horrible/sad/scary videos on youtube :( made me think wtf and why why why !!!! :eek:

i still think that way even now when i read the newbies first posts and it brings it all back but not in a bad way it helps me to stay focused and in the zone so to speak

mind you the biggest turn off now is when i smell a smoker even if they havent got one lite its part of them and it really turns my stomach

hugs Carol


Great to read your very upbeat post, you appear to be well in control of your quit. I agree that the support found here is excellent and we should be grateful to the long time quitters who seem to hang around mainly for our benefit.

OK, so we all know how you are doing:-


What we really want to know is:- HOW'S HARRISON :) is he behaving!!!!!! :D

Cheers everyone....I'm just really determined to be an ex/non-smoker now. Fed up of worrying about the inevitable if I continued smoking and thanks una-g...I'm so glad Harrison will never remember me smoking, it would be a pretty cack memory wouldn't it.

As for the little man himself, grumpie -he's at nanny and gaga's so mwah hah hah hah haaaaaaaaaaaa they'll have to deal with him for a couple of days (they love it really!). XXXXX

This is just bostin, Lisa! Positive mental attitude through and through! :D

And as Una says, unstoppable. You just keep going - you're going to be just fine. ;)

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