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Day 23 - feels like I am getting there!

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This is my first post in the month 1 section - I find it encouraging each time I get to move to a new section!! At the start getting past day 20 seemed a way to go!!

Hope everyones quit is going well, hardly been on in the last week as internet was down so could only have a quick shot when I popped to my Mums!!

I do still have a few great days followed by a not so good day and although I still want one I dont want one enough to seriously consider it if you know what I mean. My hubby started to quit a wee bit after me - he did great to day 5 - then started smoking again! :( Is annoying being back to smelling it from him and seeing the cig packet but has made me even more determined!! and if he thinks he is getting a kiss from me stinking of smoke!! lol! Hopefully he will try again in a week or so but I am being selfish for once and just concentrating on my own quit!!

Well I better go and get my 2 wee ones ready and out the door!!


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Congratulations Mandy! Especially when your other half has gone back to smoking. This is certainly the time for a bit of selfishness on your part. :cool:

Hello Mandy, Well done in getting to day 23 , you stick to your quit ignore your OH he just doesnt seem ready as you know we have to want to quit. My OH doesnt want to quit. But to be honest it doesnt bother me except when he wants a kiss and i make him gargle and brush his teeth otherwise its like kissing an ashtray lol. Its also day 23 for me to today so we can be proud together. Jacqui

Keep it going Pink Lady, I remember your first post over 2 weeks ago when you joined on Day 7.

Not long now and you'll have done 4 weeks :)

Congratulations to you too Fleetwood, I read your heart wrenching post earlier but didn't know what to say to you :(

I hope it all works out for you, I truly do :)

Thanks everyone - it does seem ages ago since that first post!! Probably going to sound hald daft here but when everyone talks abouts making it to the penthouse - is that 1 year of not smoking?!?

It is Mandy, that is everyone's goal. To get to the penthouse is a dream in the beginning but if you stick with it, you too can get the keys:D

Thanks Shojam!! def a goal to have then - would be great to be at that point!!

Your doing great mandy - well done. :)

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Congratulations! mandy & fleetwood - it's no mean feat getting to the first month.

Month 2 will soon be here:)

Thanks everyone -is so nice having people in the same boat!! My overeating of rubbish has caused me to lose a crown (think its called) whoops!! Maybe the sticky chews were a bad plan!! Getting it fixed on Friday and getting a scale and polish at the same time which might actually last longer this time!!

Does anyone else brush their teeth much more?? Seems to be my new thing this week!! Have a habit of brushing after a meal now (poss cause I used to have a puff then!)


Thats true Karri - does make the issue of facing other smokers not an issue!! well at least there is a positive! Thats and the fact my hubby thought he would do it easier than me!!

Never give up. Do u really want to re-live week one again? Not me.

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